Our Holistic Team

Our Process

The level of detail and consideration with each new product we produce results in a lot of time, taste testings, revisions and often many delays (its always worth it, trust us!). When we consider launching a new tea blend it must tick three critical boxes, is the blend: 

  1. Unique
  2. Intentional 
  3. Beneficial


We like to do things a little differently around here and blend herbs that some may think would never go together, while intention is our driving force, the root of where this all began - to simplify an overly saturated and industrialized market, therefore you won't find us with a wall of 100+ varieties, and lastly each ingredient must add significant benefit to the overall purpose of each blend, without sacrificing taste.


Quality Ingredients

  • 100% certified organic ingredients
  • Globally sourced from sustainable farms
  •  No natural or artificial flavouring
  • No sweetener of any kind


Our Holistic Team

Cassy Vantriet

Cassy Vantriet founder of Woash Wellness

An adventurous, spontaneous creative that leads with her intuition from travelling the globe, sipping tea, supporting her health to her next big idea. She is the visionary and creator behind WOASH, an idea that first popped into her mind while standing in the foothills of a tea plantation back in 2010.


Business Management Diploma from BCIT

/ A decade of global exploration and learning from many diverse cultures around the world. 

    Favourite Tea Blend: No way I can choose just one! But my current favourite is Digest as it's the best nourishment for seasonal transitions!

        Read more about Cassy's story behind the Woash mission here. 

        Doug Brewer

        A tea lover for, well his whole life that eventually turned into his 10+ years of tea experience - masters and herbalism. He is the man behind each calculated blend, perfecting them from all angles. 


        / Tea Master
        / Herbalist



          Meghan DeJong

          Meghan De Jong - Woash Wellness

          You can often find Meghan elbow deep in her garden on Salt Spring Island; when she’s not growing her own food she is coaching others in how to reconnect with real food, nature and their bodies. She is one half of the visionary duo that designed our original product line that you have come to so deeply love.


          UBC Bachelors of Kinesiology

          / Registered Holistic Nutritionist from CSNN

          Favourite Tea Blend: Me Time (with a few pieces of dark chocolate on the side)

          You can discover more about Meghan, her one-on-one coaching, membership and workshops here.




          Sisley Killam 

          Sisley Killam of The Pure Life| Woash Wellness


          A world traveller, exploring New Zealand from a van and health + wellness blogger with a passion to help women feel beautiful from the inside out through real food, nature and self practices. 


          Diploma of Communications  from Capilano University

          / Registered Holistic Nutritionist from CSNN

            Favourite Tea Blend: Immunity (with a splash of homemade nut milk)

            You can discover more about Sisley, her one-on-one coaching, blog and workshops here





            If you think you have something unique to add to our team, check out our current job opportunities here, we looking forward to meeting you!