As I, Cassy stood in the foothills of a tea plantation in Indonesia after a mid-morning downpour wearing a generous local’s gumboots (as I never planned on taking a tea plantation tour, I had more of a bathing suit and flip flop agenda), I was in complete awe of the significance tea and herbs had within their culture and the vast complexity and beauty of this one plant I had been sipping on for over a decade. 

A seed was planted within me that day (let alone I had no intention of starting a tea business; pun fully intended), as I soaked up every bit of knowledge this self-proclaimed 5th generation tea sommelier had offered me. My curiosity of tea’s history grew and evolved into exploring a variety of herbs; their health benefits, energetics, affects, possibilities, ceremonial act and medicinal purpose. As I was fortunate enough to travel over seas many times in my early twenties I was exposed to multiple cultures and explored how the practice of tea was embedded within their day-to-day lives. 

Each time returning home feeling a little more worldly and excited to share my experience with others I discovered a void within our tea culture that was heavily masked with flavouring, additives and artificial ingredients. The original tradition of tea seemed lost in North America and was being dominated by business’ that made dessert flavoured tea blends. 

As I learned over the years while sitting on a straw matt sipping a variety of native herbs from the area; there is something sacred to be experienced through each cup of tea. Each of our experiences will look and feel vastly different as the energetics of herbs react to our unique design – for this reason we must become more in-tune with our bodies and make intentional choices for our unique needs, this will forever be a life-long experiment.

The ritual of tea is meant to be slow and savored, connecting to nature’s natural medicine and our inner-selves. From my personal experience, exploration and continuous learning, WOASH stems from traditional herbal medicine making it more accessible through a modern approach, elevated offerings and inspiring new personal rituals, intuitive nourishment and natural healing.

Our Mission

To disrupt an industrialized industry by bridging the gap between traditional herbal medicine and modern wellness. We aim to encourage health aware individuals nourish their bodies from within by carefully crafting loose-leaf tea blends that utilize nature’s natural benefits and taste profiles to support and enhance overall health for a variety of unique needs.


Our Values 

  • To design and curate through a minimalistic lens
  • To deliver products with clean and purposeful benefits that nourish and support our community
  • To share our passion for traditional practices through education and transparent example
  • To source top quality, ethical, sustainable and 100% certified organic ingredients
  • To foster a feeling of ‘me time’ through each product experience


A special note from our Founder

“I hope you discover the beauty in this ancient tradition through each nourishing sip as I once did in the foothills of Indonesia -- I encourage you to look within to discover your unique needs and discover the endless power of herbs, lean into the exploration and sip a little slower than you are used to.”


- Cassy, founder




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