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Harmonizing herbs in their purest form for multifunctional expression.


A lover of tea, business and wellness, acquiring Woash Wellness was a decision that felt aligned and just made sense. Samantha has always worked in the corporate setting, with a passion for entrepreneurship. In 2021 Samantha launched her own tea brand as a creative outlet during a challenging time. Her skill set and strengths have always been in scaling businesses, so when the opportunity presented itself to purchase Woash, in which Founder Cassy had laid such incredible foundations for, the acquisition was a no brainer. Samantha also runs a consulting business where she helps other Entrepreneurs and Small-Medium business owners who are ready to scale to the next level implement sales tactics for growth. 

Mom, runner, MBA student, corporate professional and now small business owner, Samantha wears many hats but stays true to what her values are - family & business. In her free time, you’ll find her with her boys, likely at the park, dreaming up her next big business idea. 


Founder of Woash Wellness, Cassandra Vantriet
Photo by Kezia Photography

Inspired by my many travels overseas Cassy started Woash shortly after returning home from a 6-month backpacking trip through Central and South America.
Cassandra is a tea enthusiast, experience-seeker and homebody. Her first sip of tea was gathered around the kitchen nook with her Oma, Opa and sister for afternoon tea and cookies (thee en een koekje), this revered experience became a favorite that she continues to share with them. 

In her 20’s she was either working to travel or exploring foreign countries soaking up their culture, way of life and diverse environment. Cassy often felt as if she was juggling her desire to travel and experience newness with her desire for a sense of home, familiarity and community. Spending years away from home living out of a backpack, a cup of tea became that sense of home for Cassy. No matter what country, remote village, tiny island or big city she was in, sipping a cup of tea evoked the comfort of home and so Woash was first born. 


Cassandra Vantriet founder of Woash Wellness


Our approach to tea is derived from the various native flavours experienced throughout travels, strategically blending them to create a sense of home through each cup, to offer support and comfort with every sip no matter where you are, what you are going through or where you are on your health journey. It was very important to source our ingredients from all over the world and their native regions in order to cultivate a harmonious sense of home.

We have also had the opportunity to collaborate with experts in other industries to develop formulations for skin, beauty and hormones to support our community through all their needs.


WOASH is derived from the water flowing on the shoreline of the ocean, this vast body of water that connects us all together no matter where we are in the world.
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