We formulate unique herbal remedies rooted in nature for the wellness curious with the highest efficacy to support everyday wellbeing.


Woash Wellness was founded by Cassy Vantriet in 2018. Inspired by her many travels overseas, through submerging herself into different cultures and their practices; she began to see the significant role nature and plants played within their daily lives from nourishment, income, shelter, ceremonial to medicinal uses. Their deep connection to earth and its abundant offerings illuminated the disconnect she felt between her wellbeing and surrounding nature. Living on the beautiful West Coast of Canada she became curious about her surroundings and began her experimental journey with herbs.

“We have an innate ability to be in harmony with nature, all it takes is a moment of reconnection to observe, listen and nourish from within."    - Cassy, founder


Our products are rooted in the efficacy of each ingredient crafting the overall unique purpose and sensory experience. 

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WOASH is derived from the movement of water. 'wash' - flowing water carrying someone or something in a particular direction. Inspired by the hypnotic movement of the ocean encouraging calmness and new perspectives. 

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Woash Wellness Founder Cassy Vantriet

Photo by Kezia Photography