We believe nourishing your body and living a balanced lifestyle doesn't have to be so, damn complicated.


Whether you caved into that late night craving after eating a plate full of rabbit food, doubled up your routine with a spin and yoga class or binged watched on Netflix until it asked “Are you still watching this?” while your ice cream melted on the coffee table, we believe that the key to self care is getting in touch with your intuition and listening to your body's needs to support you on your unique journey to balanced living. Yes, that means embracing your healthy and indulgent cravings with minimal restriction.

But all too often, choosing wellness products to nourish and support your body’s specific needs is confusing and overwhelming. Maybe you’ve read labels and recognized ingredients that are ‘supposed’ to be good for you, but have no idea why. Or maybe you’ve done your research, but all those superfoods keep going in and out of style as fast as the latest fashion trend, leaving you totally confused. And maybe you’ve got a cupboard full of powders, supplements, teas, and tonics but have no clue  when to use them or what they actually do.

We felt the same, and that’s why WOASH was born.

Our products aim to simplify your self-care and take the guesswork out of giving your body what it needs - without restriction - so you can just live. (Because where’s the fun in "no," can't" and "shouldn't”?)

With nourishing and purposeful benefits, our teas are designed to support your body’s immediate and daily needs, without confusion. From detoxing after last night’s wine or getting digestive relief after a lunch that was a little too heavy, to giving your brain a boost to meet tomorrow’s deadline, we make it easy for you to make informed decisions that will benefit and rebalance your body.

You know you best, we're just here to bring you back into balance.



"I’m always drinking one of the five blends, whether I need a boost of energy (Pick Me Up), some digestion support (Digest), or want to wind down (Me Time)."

      - a daily sipper


The Founder

Hi! I’m Cassy, the founder of WOASH.

I’m an adventurous sun-chaser with a weakness Woash Wellness, Founder Cassy Vantriet created a brand to offer holistically designed loose leaf tea blends with specific health benefits for a variety of daily needsfor gin cocktails and and a life goal to see and do everything once. I’m best known for my brutal honesty (you’ve been warned), and my family says I live by my own schedule, which is putting it nicely (I’m always late)! You can typically find me near the ocean, either running, biking, paddling, or just watching the waves roll in (it’s where I do my best thinking).

While taking care of my body and health has always been a top priority, I hate feeling restricted. Through the pursuit of health without restriction, I learned not only to listen to my body’s cues and get curious about what I’m putting into it and why, but also to accept my cravings and not deprive myself of those enjoyments.

My passion for balanced living is at the core of WOASH. Through our products, our approach, and the community we’re building, my goal is to help others find their own balance by encouraging small, daily habits that take the overwhelm and restriction out of self-care. I also believe that when we understand the purpose and result of what we’re putting into our bodies, maintaining healthy habits and living a more balanced lifestyle is so much easier.

Tea has long been a favourite comfort of mine - my Oma's milky, sugar-filled cups would satisfy any twelve year old's sweet tooth. But over the years it became my simplest support system; a counterbalance to days when I’ve eaten an entire bag of sour candies, a quiet escape when my mind is racing, and an energy-boost when I’m training for a half-marathon. I'm grateful to share my love and obsession for tea with you.

When I’m not working on WOASH or drinking copious amounts of tea, you can catch me singing in the car to everything from Benny Blanco’s “Eastside” to “Cruise” by Florida Georgia Line, backpacking the globe with my husband in search of my next adrenaline fix (I haven’t chickened out yet, just ask him), or enjoying sunny patio cocktails with my girlfriends.

I’d love to get to know you better.

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- Cassy