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Harmonizing herbs in their purest form for multifunctional expression.


Founder of Woash Wellness, Cassandra Vantriet
Photo by Kezia Photography

Inspired by my many travels overseas I started Woash shortly after returning home from a 6-month backpacking trip through Central and South America.
Hi! I’m Cassandra, tea enthusiast, experience-seeker and homebody. My first sip of tea was gathered around the kitchen nook with my Oma, Opa and sister for afternoon tea and cookies (thee en een koekje), this revered experience has become a favorite that I continue to share with them. 

In my 20’s I was either working to travel or exploring foreign countries soaking up their culture, way of life and diverse environment. I often feel as if I’m juggling my desire to travel and experience newness with my desire for a sense of home, familiarity and community. Spending years away from home living out of a backpack, a cup of tea became that sense of home for me. No matter what country, remote village, tiny island or big city I was in, sipping a cup of tea evoked the comfort of home. 

I discovered how universal tea was, how it had the power to gather people from all walks of life to experience a familiar feeling. It may taste different depending on where you are but the practice and preparation never changes. Ordering tea in various countries may sound different but each time you receive a cup of tea that familiar feeling is consistent. Tea was always the first word I learned in every country. 

Tea, té, thé, kī, teh, thee, teetä, tsaa, trà, お茶 (Ocha), ຊາ (sa), ชา (cha), चाय (chaay), شاي (shay)

It is no surprise that tea is embedded into many cultures and being asked “cup of tea?” upon arrival is a form of endearment, a way of saying “my home is your home.” As I submerged myself in many cultures I sipped a variety of native teas, this not only offered me a sense of home but a glimpse into what home felt like for them. 

Bai miang with condensed milk and slightly sweetened in Thailand, scented tea, trà sen in Vietnam, lemon mint herbal brew in Australia, salabat (ginger tea) in the Philippines, coca tea in Peru, black tea in Indonesia, hibiscus tea in Guatemala, garden grown black tea in Honduras. 

As I continue to expand my sense of home through building The Well House, travel and new experiences I hope you too can find your sense of home through each cup of tea.

Cassandra Vantriet founder of Woash Wellness


Our approach to tea is derived from the various native flavours I experienced throughout my travels, strategically blending them to create a sense of home through each cup, to offer support and comfort with every sip no matter where you are, what you are going through or where you are on your health journey. It was very important to source our ingredients from all over the world and their native regions in order to cultivate a harmonious sense of home.

We have also had the opportunity to collaborate with experts in other industries to develop formulations for skin, beauty and hormones to support our community through all their needs.


WOASH is derived from the water flowing on the shoreline of the ocean, this vast body of water that connects us all together no matter where we are in the world.
Wondering how to pronounce WOASH? Click here. 
Woash Wellness Founder Cassy Vantriet
Photo by Kezia Photography