Stainless steel tea infuser with lid
Stainless steel tea infuser with lid stainless steel tea steeper and mug stainless steel tea infuser and ceramic mug
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Custom Made | Timeless Design | Environmentally Friendly

A timeless accessory for all your infusions. Designed for your convenience, health and the environment. Ensure your cup of tea is full of therapeutic benefits and not harmful ingredients from single-use tea bags. 


- Place the single cup infuser in your Coastal Mug (designed to nestle it perfectly)
- Put the appropriate amount of loose leaf tea in the infuser.
- Fill with the appropriate temperature water, saturating all of the tea.
- Let the tea infuse by placing the lid on top and set a timer for desired length.
- Take the lid off and place upside-down. Lift out the infuser and place it inside the lid.



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