We collaborated with one of the top music creatives in the city, India Dania to create a sensory experience through music to elevate your personal ritual.

Each playlist was designed to enhance your experience from the inside out, to dissipate your environment and transcend you into your desired state of being. 


This deep cosmic yet grounding playlist was designed to dissipate your environment to transcend you into a space of clarity, inner connection and calmnesss.

Listen to ME TIME here or on Spotify:



This upbeat playlist was designed to energize you from the inside out to transcend you into a space of free flowing movement to take on anything that comes your way.

Listen to PICK ME UP here or on Spotify:



This diverse rhythmic playlist was designed to rejuvenate your body mentally, physically and internally to transcend you into a space of self revitalization.

Listen to REVIVE here or on Spotify:



This vibrating instrumental playlist was designed to slowly peel away the layers in order to cleanse and transcend you into a space of inner alignment and unconditional love.

Listen to DIGEST here or on Spotify:



This easy listening playlist is full of diverse sounds to activate your intuitive mind and transcend you into a space of creativity and flow.

Listen to THINK here on Spotify:



This POWERHOUSE playlist was designed to stimulate the feminine power within you to transcend you into the goddess you are. 

Listen to PERIOD here on Spotify:



This soft bluesy playlist was designed to relax you into those slow days surrounded by good company or solo along side your personal rituals.

Listen to IMMUNITY here on Spotify


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