Woash Consulting


Hi, I’m Sam!
A mom, corporate professional, entrepreneur AND Executive MBA student. Growing up, I had no clue what “I wanted to do with my life” and used to be envious of my friends who just knew who and what they wanted to become. What I didn’t know then was that not knowing would lead me down a path of trying… just about everything!

I received my Bachelors degree from Laurentian University with a major in History and took a job as a Sales Administrator at a branded merchandise company, that a friend had referred me to. Little did I know, this step would lead me down an extraordinary corporate career path. The organization was soon acquired by a large corporation and so began my time “climbing the corporate ladder” from Sales Administrator, to Account Consultant, all the way up to Strategic Account Manager, where I was responsible for bringing in one of Canada’s largest consumer beverage brands. My time here taught me all about growing a team, P&L, client relationship management, sales enablement and business development.

After 8 years and a successful beginning to my corporate journey, I took on a new challenge and expansive role within one of Canada’s top loyalty corporations. A position that was focused on creating a sales organization from scratch. I worked on building out CRM tools, building a healthy sales funnel and pipeline for scalability. My role now within this organization is to lead all sales initiatives for two new lines of businesses - being responsible for the forecasting, strategy, account management and profitability of these lines. I’ve also had to flex new muscles with shared marketing responsibilities to create advertising and marketing initiatives, channel strategies and deliver campaigns that drive awareness and conversions for our partners.

My love for business truly blossomed when I started in my most recent leadership role. Having finally realized I am exactly where I am supposed to be I decided to take a leap of faith and apply for my Executive MBA, in which I was accepted to Queen's Smith School of Business, class of 2025.

In this process of figuring out my passion for business, I have had many, many side hustles (when I say I’ve tried it all… I truly mean it!) These side hustles I have created and the people I have met in the Entrepreneurial space has lit a fire in my belly to share my sales experiences with a community of Entrepreneurs and Small Businesses who are looking for community, systems, tools and consulting that will help them elevate their businesses to the next level. Being able to implement the knowledge learned through my EMBA journey and directly impact those who are working currently IN their business vs. ON their business, is why I have started SR Business Consulting.

Lets get your business to the next level and implement the strategy, lead gen, and sales tools required to get you to that next level.