If you can't get enough of WOASH don't worry we have much more for you! Explore our features on blogs and podcasts to witness many candid moments and the raw, honest vision and journey behind WOASH. 


February | A Blend of Holistic Teas

January | City Girl Talks Podcast - Entrepreneurship, Tea, Me Time, Inner Wellness and Talking Money


November | Design Build Grow Podcast - Launching a Product Based Business

October | Project Love Co. Podcast - Launch with Woash - Mentorship Part 2

October | Project Love Co. Podcast - Launch Success with Woash - Mentorship Part 1

August | Sip Smart Podast - The Benefits of Woash Wellness

March | Tea Time with Woash Wellness

February | Kristy Vail Connected Podcast: Purpose, The Process + Human Design

February | Yes Vancouver: Self Care + Woash


December | Kilter&Mint Podcast: Woash & Waiting

December | Trybe Wellness Spotlight: Woash Founder 

November | 10 Q's With The Founder of Woash

November | Up Your Wellness Game With Woash