We've partnered with the Obakki Foundation to support their clean water and education initiative in South Sudan through every Flower Remedy sold. We believe in the significance clean water and education has on thriving communities from improving the health of those who inhabit them and the life it gives to nature, which in-turn produces the foundation to grow economically for future generations. 

Our Initiative

We donate $1.00 of every Flower Remedy sold to the Obakki Foundation initiatives ensuring that every purchase goes beyond our business goals and into global communities in need.

About Obakki Foundation

Obakki is a global community of change makers.

Their approach to philanthropy is simple -- they believe in supporting the potential of people.  Everyone's story is unique and their programs are as diverse as the humans they benefit.

They are able to facilitate real and lasting change by building partnerships with communities and identifying gaps and strategically investing in sustainable solutions. They conduct a 100% model - when you donate to the Obakki Foundation, 100% of your contribution goes directly to their programs.

Their results are measured by the lives that are transformed. Together, they've provided over 300,000 people clean water and 20,000 children access to education in South Sudan communities, as well have on-going partnerships with 300+ artisans around the world creating consistent income.

Let's Learn More Together

How You Can Help

You can also support the Obakki Foundation by donating directly on their website here, all donations are put directly towards sustainable initiatives ensuring every dollar goes further.