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Check in with your body to slow down and create more intentional moments. This tea is the perfect accent to your unique personal ritual –– whether that’s journaling, walking along the ocean, meditating, winding down before bed or anything that encourages you to pause, reflect and harness creativity. This Krishna Tulsi tea is an adaptogen, which means the ingredients will respond to your body’s specific needs in the moment. It’s like drinking an aromatic diffuser blend of lavender, chamomile, lemongrass and passionflower! Go on, be a little selfish and savour some much-needed calm.


Designed for: the person who enjoys to unwind + sip slow



  • Has been known to reduce stress and anxiety
  • Contains ingredients known to relax your nervous system
  • Create a sense of calm from the inside out


Flavour profile:

Peppery warming notes with hints of aromatic flowers and citrus.


How to steep the perfect cup: 

Steep 2 teaspoons of loose-leaf tea at 205 °F for 5-7 minutes. Best enjoyed alone. 



15 - 20 cups / 25 g 


Why we created this blend: 

We love complementing our personal rituals with tea (no surprises there) and we wanted to create the perfect one that would put us in a state of ease, acceptance and calm. We usually sip on this blend to wind down, get in the zone (creatively), ground our bodies before stressful situations and ultimately, connect us back to ourselves. 


Drink ME TIME when:

You’re taking a moment to be present, just for *you* and no one else –– whatever that uniquely looks and feels like for you! 



All ingredients are caffeine-free, flavouring-free, sweetener-free and Certified Organic. 

  • Krishna Tulsi: Also known as holy basil, this powerful adaptogen has been known to balance out our cortisol and melatonin levels and may reduce general anxiety and sleep issues.
  • Lemongrass: An anti-inflammatory ingredient that’s been used to support anxiety and pain relief, while serving to strengthen our immune system.
  • Lemon Verbena: Contains anti-inflammatory properties that can help calm joint pain and repair muscles. It’s also high in antioxidants that may help promote brain function to increase a sense of calm.
  • Chamomile: Best known to soothe feelings of stress, anxiety or nervousness. Chamomile has also been used proactively to calm nerves prior to a stressful situation.
  • Passionflower: This ingredient contains the phytochemical quercetin, which helps to reduce stress. Oh, and it’s a natural antihistamine too! 
  • Lavender: We call herbs like lavender “nervine” because they impact our nervous system. Lavender has long been used to decrease anxiety, induce relaxation and promote sleep just by the scent of it. When we ingest lavender, it may deepen that impact by getting absorbed into the bloodstream and directly relaxing the nervous system.


3 ways to enjoy ME TIME:

  1. A Tea soak, no, seriously! Toss a pot of this blend into your tub and let your largest organ – skin – soak up all its calming properties. Save a little to sip on and you’ve got a win-win for your body.
  2. Accent your cocktail. ME TIME is the perfect infusion for a WOASH 76 –– our elevated approach to the traditional French 75. Gin, champagne, lemon juice and a ME TIME-infused simple syrup enhances the flavor of this tea. Recipe coming soon!
  3. Tune into our ME TIME playlist on Spotify below - during those moments when you choose you, to dissipate your environment and transcend into a space of clarity and inner connection.

We collaborated with one of the top music creatives in the city, India Dania to create a full sensory experience to elevate your personal ritual.

Listen to Me Time Playlist here:



Additional Resources + Tea Guides:



Women who are pregnant or attempting to get pregnant should not drink this blend regularly as the Krishna Tulsi herb used may have an anti-fertility effect on both women and men.

Disclaimer: These statements have not been evaluated by Health Canada. It does not intend to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or illness. Please contact your healthcare practitioner if you are taking any medication, pregnant or breastfeeding. 


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