Beeswax candle
Beeswax candle tea infused beeswax candle Organic loose leaf tea Handmade beeswax candle in a ceramic tumbler
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Aromatherapy | Relaxing | Air purifying | Hypoallergenic | Non Toxic | Safe for pets

A therapeutic infusion of our Me Time Tea blend and pure beeswax to invite the reflection of sunset and the rebirth of a new season into your space. Designed to bring you joy long after its burn, here's 5 ways to reuse your ceramic tumbler.


    The subtle softness of honey and aromatic flowers will envelope your space and transcend you into a calm relaxed state.


    Me Time Tea, beeswax, cotton wick, ceramic vessel 



    8 oz with a 28 hour burn

    Disclaimer: Please note each candle vessel is created through a meticulous 4-week handmade process. No two candles are identical and may have slight imperfections making each uniquely beautiful - we encourage the Japanese philosophy wabi sabi. Watch the process here!



    How To Clean Candle Vessel

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