WOASH is currently stocked in a variety of boutiques, cafes, grocers, studios and private practices across North America.


We are always looking to expand our community with like-minded businesses who are passionate about nature, the power of plants and simple and clean products.

Whether you are an individually ran boutique seeking a unique tea blend to add to your shelf or a cafe creating your tea menu we have everything from the tea to the steeping vessel and everything in-between to help you get your community excited about tea!


Whether you are opening a new shop, adding to your current selection or wanting to elevate your offerings we will work with you to curate the best selection and display to offer a unique buying experience.

We believe that all the senses should be activated when experiencing tea from taste, smell and touch - we offer tester jars and can set you up with in-store tea tasting to elevate your customer's experience. 


One of our favourite things, crafting a unique tea menu because no two cafe's or communities are the same! We will relieve you of the stress of creating a tea menu, first by pouring you a cup of Me Time and second, by diving deep into your vision and target market so we can curate the best tea menu to serve your community's needs. 

Whether you are interested in our elevated Woash tea blends or a more traditional tea menu we have the experience, education and access to everything you need, plus more! If you have something specific in mind please reach out and we will do everything we can to source it for you. 

This also includes our assistance in creating the best display and execution for your tea service from display jars, mugs, steepers, thermoses and a branded menu. Don't worry, we've got you!


Woash Wellness | Organic Loose leaf tea wholesale


Herbs With Purpose

Each of our blends were carefully crafted for a unique purpose - our holistic team specifically chose each ingredient to utilize their natural benefit and healing properties to ensure each mug was packed with the most nourishment.

Globally Sourced From Sustainable Farms

We source each of our ingredients from their indigenous regions to ensure the highest quality and authenticity as well, only partner with sustainable farming practices.

Organic and Whole Leaf Ingredients

We only blend with certified organic ingredients and use whole-leaf ingredients when possible.

Purely Herbs

We do not add any natural or artificial flavouring or sweeteners or sugars to any of our WOASH blends to ensure we are maximizing flavour and natural benefits. 


Woash Wellness | Organic Loose leaf tea wholesale


Reach out to learn more about our wholesale program, please fill out the form below or e-mail us at hello@woashwellness.com, we'd love to see how we can help elevate your tea offerings! Please include if you are interested in retail, bulk or both!