Our mission is to provide a simplified line of purposeful loose-leaf tea blends with nourishing benefits to help support you on your unique self-care journey. To do this, we've designed each blend from a holistic approach, utilizing the natural healing properties of plants, herbs and spices, specifically choosing each organic ingredient to build the overall purpose and flavour profile, without adding any natural or artificial flavouring.

We made this happen by teaming up with two holistic nutritionists: Sisley Killam from The Pure Life Blog + Meghan De Jong from Sprouted Nutrition. Each blend was designed for a unique benefit, and each ingredient specifically chosen to ensure all of our loose-leaf tea blends are packed with the most benefits for your body's needs. 

Since our beautiful Canadian climate doesn't allow us to grow tea plants (Camellia sinensis), we work closely with a local supplier who carefully sources their ingredients globally. They ensure each ingredient is 100% organic and is certified by the Pro-Cert for USDA and COR. They choose only the highest quality of ingredients directly from their sources around the world.
With our values set in stone we have embraced the natural earthy flavours of each ingredient, adding herbs, spices and flowers to create the overall flavour profile of each tea blend. You will not find any added natural or artificial flavouring in our tea blends. (You'll be addicted once you taste the difference, you can thank us later!)

We like to keep things simple around here by offering a line of five different blends, each with a specific purpose to support your unique self-care journey of balanced living. 

Enjoy your purposeful sipping!
"I love that the teas are organic with no added flavouring, that's what tea should be!"
       - Danielle (a WOASH early adopter)
"Great tasting tea with ingredients that are good for you"
       - Hillary (an evening DIGEST sipper)