Meet The Holistic Nutritionists Behind Our Purposeful Tea Blends

We teamed up with not one but two Holistic Nutritionists to help us design and create our wellness loose-leaf tea blends. Not only were they a total blast to work with but they are incredibly inspiring to be around. (You kinda just want to put them in your pocket so you can always have their expertise at your fingertips!) Their passion for holistic living, love for all things plants, and education surrounding natural healing is something to admire. 

Meghan De Jong is a Registered Holistic Nutritionist and holds a bachelor’s degree of Kinesiology from UBC. Meghan runs her own nutrition business, providing The_Holistic_Nutritionists_that_designed_health_focused_tea_blends_with_benefitsone-on-one coaching and co-hosting workshops, and is also the head nutritionist at The Practice Studio in Vancouver. Meghan is passionate about teaching people how to use food to nourish their bodies and inspiring them to connect back to where their food comes from. Meghan can most often be found growing food in her garden, foraging wild goodies, and crafting delicious recipes in her kitchen with what's in season.

Sisley Killam is a Registered Holistic   Nutritionist and founder of The Pure Life, a health & wellness blog. Sisley runs her own full-time nutrition and lifestyle coaching business. She's passionate about supporting women through plant-based recipe creation and lifestyle content. Sisley has spent her nutrition career writing online programs, facilitating monthly nutrition workshops, and co-hosting retreats. Sisley not only walks what she talks but makes it look fun and easy. She can often be found sipping on a matcha latte in the forest or photographing her latest recipe. 

Both women share a passion to inspire others to live their best life through holistic healing and self care. "We used our passion for self care and back-to-earth mentality to create a line of next level wellness teas!" Believing in the natural benefits of tea as a perfect addition to living a holistic lifestyle, "we envisioned a lifestyle behind each tea, crafting each blend to support and meet those daily demands. Whether it's to fight off a cold, gain a little extra focus, or to reset and ground your body, each tea was designed in a unique way."  

"We wanted to make holistic practices more achievable in people's everyday life, so we created teas that taste amazing and serve extraordinary healing purposes with unique benefits." 


Meghan’s favourite blend is “Me Time”, after a busy day, cuddled up on the couch with a warm blanket and a few pieces of dark chocolate.


Sisley’s favourite blend is “Immunity” with a dash of homemade almond milk, sitting in a candle-lit hot bath on a cozy Sunday morning. (coming soon)