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Mission statement

To assist overwhelmed entrepreneurs bring their unique ideas to life through our 1:1 experienced based program by creating clarity and a solid foundation through actionable steps, a little push and accountability. 

Who am I to help you?

My name is Cassy, I grew up in the suburbs of Vancouver with an older sister who knew what she wanted and how she was going to get there, a Mom who worked long evening shifts and gave entrepreneurship a fair shot while my Dad ran a successful partnership business with his brother. I struggled my way through high school feeling the pressure of adulthood and how I was supposed to know where I was headed. At that time, all I knew was; I never wanted to work 9-5, I wanted to work for myself, I had the travel bug and I sure as hell wasn’t ready to start making these big life decisions.

After many months of travelling, exploring countless countries and many cultures while ignoring all my family and societal pressures that the clock was ticking- I was finally ready at the age of 25 to hit the books. I went to BCIT and studied Business Management, it was general enough to not pigeonhole myself in case I changed my mind (which I didn’t even have my mind made up then) and gave me a good foundation for entrepreneurship.

Post University I took off travelling one last time to truly seek out my purpose, searching for that golden idea to launch me into entrepreneurship. Once again, returning home empty handed. At this point I was extremely frustrated that I still didn’t know what I wanted to do. The endless feeling of being lost and lack of purpose drove me to do a lot of soul searching; seeking out different avenues to discover the one thing we are all searching for, purpose. After a lot of learning about myself, what I liked, disliked, my ideal day, interests, passions- I ended up seeing a pattern throughout my life, little moments of the same feeling and curiosity. Diving deep into what that meant I discovered a passion that I always had but never looked at as something to create a business around. Five chaotic months later I launched WOASH, a Vancouver based loose-leaf tea brand that bridges the gap between traditional herbal medicine and modern wellness.

During those 5-months another passion of mine surfaced (clearly broke the seal), the underlying system of creating a business from idea to reality. I spent half my time creating my business and the other half documenting how I was doing it, what worked, what didn’t. Since then I’ve stream lined a system to bring clarity, motivation, accountability and actionable steps to you no matter where you are currently at; a rough idea, product testing, started but procrastinating, totally lost or making head-way but unsure how to get to the finish line to ensure you reach your goal of becoming a successful entrepreneur.

This mentorship program is for you if: 

  • Have always dreamed about becoming an entrepreneur and owning your own business
  • Are currently tired of your current job / career and want to pivot into starting your own business
  • Have an idea that you know people need, would love and benefit from
  • Have a passion project that you want the world to see but are unsure how to bring it to life
  • If your to-do’s for your side-hustle keep getting pushed to the bottom of the list
  • Keep telling yourself, “tomorrow I will start” or “I have no time”
  • Have no idea where to begin
  • Have a notebook full of ideas and can’t decide which one to pursue
  • Need to be held accountable and could benefit from a little pressure
  • Work best with structure and tools to keep you on track
  • Have a laundry list of pressing questions you need answered
  • Feel like you have no one to turn to when the ebbs and flows of entrepreneurship start to weigh on you
  • Feel like no one understands what you are going through
  • If the 9-5 isn’t for you
  • You crave freedom financially and creatively
  • Are ready and willing to put in the time and hard work it takes to be an entrepreneur
  • Are ready to make your first investment into making your business a reality

This mentorship is not for you if:

  • You are not ready to fully commit
  • You are not willing to dedicate time to this process
  • You are not ready to show up when times get tough
  • You have one foot in and one foot out
  • You are not willing to be resourceful and step outside your comfort zone
  • You are not ready to fully leap into entrepreneurship
  • Adding an additional work load to your current lifestyle

What you will get out of this mentorship

Whether you need a list of pressing questions answered to get you over that hump, a push to get you going and build momentum or a support system to hold you accountable until the check list is complete, I will be there to hold space for you and keep you moving forward. I’ve been through each of those scenarios plus that overwhelming feeling you are probably faced with right now. I will help you bring your business from that idea in your notebook or which ever stage you are currently at into reality. We will create clarity and purpose amongst all the chaos by creating a structure that suits your lifestyle, holds you accountable and makes your unique goal a reality. You will have access to all of my do’s, don’ts, wish I had’s and list of top resources.

I will be with you, cheering you on and seeing you through every milestone until you reach your goal! 


What is the Wyld Method

The wyld method is my unique experienced based 10-step program that consists of the 10 major aspects crucial to creating a solid foundation for any type of business that will ensure a successful launch and sustain the business' future growth. Each aspect consists of a series of probing questions, tools and resources to confidently complete the checklist and be one major milestone closer to meeting your goal! 

This method is tried and true! After launching two successful business' and gaining major insight into the process from other founders I began to notice unique trends, mistakes, wins, what worked well and what did not. After analyzing all of this information it became so clear to me that launching a business, pivoting or leaping into that next phase doesn't have to be so overwhelming or terrifying. The key is to begin with a solid foundation by getting really clear on your business, making sure the fundamentals are in place and that each box is checked off.

In addition to pushing your limits professionally, mentally and often emotionally I also noticed one key element among all successful businesses, "self-discovery." With out discovering our inner selves and taking care of our needs we are unable to support the growth of our business. I have strategically included a variety of weekly 'Self Challenges' to push you outside of your comfort zone to only begin exploring what you are so incredibly capable of.

After completing my unique experienced based program you will have clarity and a solid foundation to grow your business for the coming years with confidence and ease. 

The 10-steps:

  1. Business Clarity
  2. Business Offering
  3. Target Market
  4. Business Test
  5. Business Pre-requisites
  6. Business Identify
  7. Business First Impression 1.0
  8. Business First Impression 2.0
  9. Business Footprint
  10. Business Essentials

Bonus: A list of tools and resources that have saved me time, money and many headaches. 


What To Expect

Below you will find a brief overview of what each step entails and the general idea of what you will accomplish by participating in the Wyld Method. Your current situation, dedicated time, which package you choose, your specific goal and business concept will determine the timeframe. I aim to have you complete 2 – 3 exercises per month, however there are many moving parts to building a business and often you will be working on aspects of specific exercises simultaneously to ensure you reach your goal on time.

Each exercise consists of a series of probing questions, the “how-to” to complete specific tasks, unique tools I wish I knew when I was launching, a list of necessary resources, a checklist and a self-challenge.  Along side all of that we will participate in a weekly 1-hour meeting to discuss your progress, hurdles or road blocks you have encountered and you will have 24-hour e-mail support.

The self-challenges are important for you to step out of your comfort zone, build confidence, discover new skills, create positive space and get rid of negative energy that could possibly be limiting your growth. If you are not comfortable with any of them please communicate that to me and we can adjust the challenges. They are all reasonable and played a critical role in my self-growth as I became a business owner- each of them I still challenge myself to do daily or weekly.


The Wyld Method Steps

Step 1: Business Clarity

During this step we will dive deep into your concept, get clear on what makes the heart of your business beat, what your ‘why’ is, get a good understanding of your industry and analyze a few of your competitors.

Step 2: Business Offerings

During this step we will dive deep into your product or service offereing(s), get a good grasp of your vision and breakdown all the much-needed pieces. At this time is will be your responsibility to begin the process of creating, sourcing and developing your product or service offerings, this project will simultaneously be happening with everything else, I will be there to support you the whole way to help get your products complete and ready for launch day. Expect costs to occur during this stage as developing a product or service will cost money and vastly ranges depending on the unique offering and your expertise in the area.

Step 3: Target Market

During this step we will create your ideal customer avatar, gain clarity on who your target market is and get a good sense of how to present your brand to them.

Step 4: Business Testing

During this step we will test your business idea through a method that best suits your business at this time. This will give you great insight into your target markets head and how they will interact with your offering. You will also be able to make any adjustments needed in order to better serve your customers without kicking yourself months later wishing you knew that in the beginning.

Step 5: Business Pre-requisites

During this step we will inquire and begin the steps of actually becoming a real legal company! A few of these steps cost money so be prepared to have a few business costs coming your way. The cost will depend on which type of business you are becoming and any legal requirements you will need to apply for. The range is quite wide from $300 - $1500 depending on the specifics.

Step 6: Business Identity

During this step we will dive into who your brand is and how you will show up in the world. We will look at your brand personality, aesthetic, experience, feel and what the overall marketing vision will look like.

Step 7: Business First Impression 1.0

During this step we will be curating your virtual first impression by taking a deep look at your business and brand (the previous exercises) and crafting how we can then translate this into your website, copy, social platforms and digital content. I will also give you useful tools that will make this portion of your business easier and cheaper.

Step 8: Business First Impression 2.0

During this step we will be curating your in-person first impressions by taking a deep look into your business and brand (the previous exercises) and crafting an elevator pitch, we’ll discuss the craft of networking and how to approach and promote your brand to potential customers.

Step 9: Business Foot Print

During this step we will create a marketing strategy for your business that will help you make a splash during your launch. We will create specific marketing tactics to get your business noticed and in front of your target market.

Step 10: Business Essentials

During this last step we will go over the structure of your business and ensure everything that is needed for a successful launch is in place and ready to go so you feel good and grounded as you present your new business to the world! I will also give you a list of tips, tricks, tools and resources that I found incredibly useful that I wish I had implemented sooner in my business.



Mentorship Packages

I offer three different options depending on your needs, where you are at within your process and your specific goals. Each mentorship option includes (excluding the One Timer) access to the 10-step program, a weekly 1-hour one-on-one call and a customized 'Self Challenge.' During our weekly meetings we will address your progress, questions, concerns any hurdles you may have came to, build strategies and often celebrate each milestone completion. You will also have continuous e-mail support from me as you work through the program. 


ONE TIMER                                                                                  Hourly rate $ 150.00

Perfect for you if:

  • You are curious to know if the entrepreneur life is for you
  • You have a batch of questions you’d like answered
  • You are wanting to know the good, bad and ugly without any BS
  • You are needing advice on a specific topic or how to get over that hump


  • A one hour session via Zoom to answer any questions you may have
  • Access to any resources I have that will suit your current needs


THE PUSH                                                                                    Twelve-week $2,400

The Push is a 12-week mentorship, which includes twelve 1-hour virtual sessions via Zoom, each session is 1-hour per week.

Perfect for you if:

  • Completely overwhelmed with your thoughts and where to begin
  • Need a push to get you started and well into planning phase
  • Need structure and tools to get you started and build momentum
  • Need clarity on your idea
  • Need to organize and create actionable steps of the never ending to-do list in your head


  • Full access to the 10-step program
  • Twelve one-hour one-on-one virtual sessions via Zoom
  • One weekly self challenge to push you personally outside your comfort zone
  • Access to all of my resources that you may need during your current phase
  • We will create a timeline based on your 12-week goal with actionable steps that suits your current schedule
  • Use exercises to create clarity within your business, identify and prioritize what needs to be done
  • Dive deep into your idea- who, what, why
  • Build a solid foundation that supports your goal
  • I will hold you accountable for the weekly steps to ensure you are moving towards your goal
  • Be your greatest supporter, sound board, fresh perspective and confirmation when you are second guessing yourself but we both know you know the answer!


THE LEAP                                                                      Starting at 24-weeks $4,800+

The Leap is a custom mentorship beginning at 24-weeks. Depending on your unique situation we can customize a timeframe to suit your needs with additional cost. Each week we will have a 1-hour session via Zoom.

Perfect for you if:

  • You want to be held accountable every step of the way
  • Need guidance and advice along the way
  • Have minimal support or relatable community
  • Are completely overwhelmed with the entire process
  • Need structure and accountability to see this through
  • Work best under pressure with deadlines


  • Full access to the 10-step program
  • 24+ one-hour one-on-one virtual sessions via Zoom
  • One weekly self challenge to push you personally outside your comfort zone
  • Access to all of my resources that you will need to bring your idea to life
  • Create an overview of every aspect needed to launch your business
  • Identify and prioritize key aspects that are crucial to a successful launch
  • Build a timeframe with actionable steps from idea phase to launch day
  • Dive deep into your idea- who, what, why
  • Work through tools and exercises to meet major milestones
  • Organize the endless to-do’s to make them bite sized and achievable
  • Build a solid foundation that supports your goal
  • I will hold you accountable for the weekly steps to ensure you are moving towards your goal
  • Be your greatest supporter, sound board, fresh perspective and confirmation when you are second guessing yourself but we both know you know the answer!


Payment Options:

A 20% deposit is required upon acceptance of a mentorship program (excluding the One-Timer, full payment is due prior to session) with the remainder due in full prior to the kick-off of Mentorship. Payment can be made via credit card or e-transfer. Payment plans are available upon request subject to a 10% fee.


If you are ready to take the leap please fill out the application form here so we can get the ball rolling! If you have a few pressing questions, want to know more and see if we'd be a good fit please 
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I look forward to supporting your leap into entrepreneurship!