My Mission

To Support female entrepreneurs in discovering their purpose and innate skills in order to utilize them as they build and grow their desired careers through our intuitively designed Wyld method workshop series and one-on-one mentoring. 

Who Am I

Astro: Double sagittarius with a cancer rising and a Projector in Human Design 

Hi my name is Cassy, the founder of Wyld Business Consulting I’m stocked and incredibly curious to know what brought you here as there is nothing I enjoy more than connecting with like-minded entrepreneurs! No matter if you are currently lost seeking your purpose while working a job you dislike (that was me for the past 10 years!) or incredibly passionate with a business idea but unsure what to do next or you may have already taken the leap and launched a business but feeling a bit ungrounded and seeking direction on how to take it to the next level. Either way I can relate!

That brings me to why I created Wyld; after being on a mission for the past 10 years trying to discover what I was good at and how I was going to create a business that allowed me to do what I love and make money, I’m finally there! Seriously, I made it and what I discovered was that it’s not just one thing its many and now I operate two very different business’ that allow me to utilize my innate skills every day and get rewarded far beyond a pay cheque! 

I realized I had a gift of simplifying processes, identifying others unique skills, generating fresh ideas, supporting and guiding them through this very overwhelming task of launching and running a business. Now, with two companies under my belt, multiple mentors on speed dial, countless hours of research, online and in-class courses, too many hours to count of tea dates picking the brains of the best entrepreneurs I could get ahold of and my Business Management Diploma from BCIT I noticed a trend as my inbox began to fill with other entrepreneurs wanting what I had. 

I instantly fell in love with meeting other entrepreneurs and helping them along this wyld ride, offering them a road map full of actionable steps, tools, resources, support and someone who just understood what they were going through. 

Sitting here almost a year later I’ve been honoured to work one-on-one with a handful of entrepreneurs and saw them go from blurry idea phase to a scroll stopping successful launch! There’s nothing cooler than sitting front row watching someone else discover their innate skills and putting them into action to create their desired career!

Since then I’ve been on my own personal and professional wyld ride - growing two business’, quitting my job that paid the bills, travelling, renovating our apartment, training a new puppy and exploring self-growth and spirituality, which resulted in growing my self-worth substantially and  altering my surrounding environment physically and emotionally. Sitting here today and looking back I wouldn’t change any piece of my journey as I would never be here able to relate and help you discover your innate skills and purpose.

What makes me, me! 

Throughout my journey I found it a lot easier to own my dark shadows and mistakes than what I was good at. I never felt seen for who I really was or valued for what I had to say which resulted into me silencing all of my me’ness just to be loved by others. Thank god I’ve woken up since then and have been dedicated to discovering and owning my innate gifts. So here’s a list of things that I’m really fucking good at.

My unique skills and innate qualities:

  • I can easily relate to you and where you are at as it wasn’t too long ago for me
  • I’ve been known to light a fire under people’s ass’ (this is just who I am as double sag, cancer rising
  • I’m not afraid to be blunt and bold, which means I’ll likely push your buttons in order to get something that I see in you but you most likely don’t just yet.
  • I’m a great networker, therefore I have a wide network you can take advantage of
  • My unique skills are all about simplifying a complex process (my gift is in business)
  • When I’m obsessed with something (business) I put all my time and energy into becoming an expert in the area
  • I have already done all the ground work for you, I’m handing it you on a silver platter
  • Been there and my goal is to help you get there faster, better and bigger!
  • My favourite aspect of this process is brainstorming new, fresh and elevated ideas to take your business to the next level
  • I have a gift of analyzing a business and seeing what is working, sustainable, scalable and what is not (this is the most difficult to do within your own business as its our baby and we are just a little too attached to the ideas)
  • I lean into my gifts and my intuition to lead my business decisions and advice
  • Through my dedication to my self-growth I went from feeling less than confident, low self-worth, playing the victim, working in a restaurant, lost, questioning everything in my life, an unhealthy social environment to who I am today (lets just say a complete 180 and making this list comes incredibly easy to me now
  • I swear I’m friendly and approachable but you can be the judge of that ;)

The Wyld Method

Why wyld? Because this journey of entrepreneurship is completely, absolutely, undeniably, erratically Wyld! 

The wyld method is an intuitively designed workshop series for female entrepreneurs to discover and utilize their innate skills in order to fulfill their business goals, through probing questions, actionable steps, experienced-based tools and accountability.

I believe that the work we put out in the world should be our intended purpose, it should come easy to you as it is your unique skills that you are innately an expert in, as a result will flow with ease and abundance. 

We will only exceed our desires when we choose to lean into our gifts and trust the process.

The Wyld 10-Step Workshop

The 10-steps that started it all! I intuitively created these 10-steps from my personal experience, teachings from the best of the best, lessons I repeatedly encountered, advice and guidance from mentors, courses, books and other's stories that I endlessly absorbed while seeking guidance during my 6-months of creating WOASH. 

As I mentioned I have a knack for simplifying and creating processes to create an actionable road map to this abstract goal of bringing an idea to life; whether that may be your entire business idea from scratch, an intentional pivot in business, a new facet of your business or a re-evaluation of an existing business, these 10-steps are the fundamental aspects that will ensure you have a solid foundation in place to bring your creativity to life. 

Below you will find a brief overview of what each step entails and the general idea of what you will accomplish by participating in the Wyld Method. Each exercise consists of a series of probing questions, the “how-to” to complete specific tasks, unique tools, resources, a checklist and a self-challenge. 

These steps were designed in a specific order 

Step 1: Business Clarity

During this step you will dive deep into your concept, get clear on what makes the heart of your business beat, what your ‘why’ is, get a good understanding of your industry and analyze a few of your competitors.

Step 2: Business Offerings

During this step you will dive deep into your product or service offereing(s), get a good grasp of your vision and breakdown all the required pieces. At this time it will be your responsibility to begin the process of creating, sourcing and developing your product or service offerings, this project will simultaneously be happening with everything else. Expect costs to occur during this stage as developing a product or service will cost money and vastly ranges depending on the unique offering and your expertise in the area.

Step 3: Target Market

During this step you will create your ideal customer avatar, gain clarity on who your target market is and get a good sense of how to present your brand to them.

Step 4: Business Testing

During this step you will test your business idea with your target market in order to gain invaluable insight into their thoughts regarding your business concept. This will allow you to make any adjustments needed in order to better serve your customers without kicking yourself months later wishing you knew that in the beginning.

Step 5: Business Pre-requisites

During this step you will inquire and begin the steps of actually becoming a real legal company! A few of these steps cost money so be prepared to have a few business costs coming your way. The cost will depend on which type of business you are becoming and any legal requirements you will need to apply for. 

Step 6: Business Identity

During this step you will dive into who your brand is and how you will show up in the world. You will look at your brand personality, aesthetic, experience, feel and what the overall marketing vision will look like.

Step 7: Business First Impression 1.0

During this step you will be curating your virtual first impression by taking a deep look at your business and brand (the previous exercises) and crafting how you can then translate this into your website, copy, social platforms and digital content. I will also give you useful tools that will make this portion of your business easier and cheaper.

Step 8: Business First Impression 2.0

During this step you will be curating your in-person first impressions by taking a deep look into your business and brand (the previous exercises) and crafting your unique pitch, we’ll discuss the craft of networking and how to approach and promote your brand to potential customers.

Step 9: Business Foot Print

During this step you will create a marketing strategy for your business that will help you make a splash during your offerings launch. You will create specific marketing tactics to get your business noticed and in front of your target market.

Step 10: Business Essentials

During this last step you will go over the structure of your business and create any useful systems in place to help grow your business overtime. I will also give you a list of tips, tricks, tools and resources that I found incredibly useful that I wish I had implemented sooner in my business.


One-on-One Mentorship

The Side Kick

I am so excited to be launching my newest service! The Side Kick came to be from the demand of previous clients who had gone on to successfully launch their business’ and the interest from operating business owners wanting on-going guidance and a valued opinion as they grow their businesses. 

My approach to mentoring goes far beyond the textbook steps to create and grow a business, it connects the personal and professional actions needed in order to reach your unique goals. There is no growth in one without the other.

This is for you if:

  • You already own and operate your own business
  • You are feeling stuck in your business growth
  • Unsure why the needle isn’t moving forward 
  • Unclear on specific aspects of your business 
  • Needing a little clarity and direction on what to do next 
  • Working tirelessly on aspects of your business when you’d rather be doing what you love in your business (isn’t that why you started your business anyways?!) 
  • Need a sounding board
  • Fresh perspective
  • Accountability
  • Someone to relate to that has been where you are before
  • A valued opinion on that new idea you’ve been spinning in your head 
  • A little push to get you outside your comfort zone to grow your business 
  • You are resourceful, dedicated, willing and ready

This is not for you if:

  • If you own and operate a tea business (this is a conflict of interest for me)
  • You are not willing to put in dedicated time and effort into the work I suggest
  • If you don’t want the truth or a blunt answer

If you can relate to any of the above feelings the Side Kick is the perfect option for ongoing support at a reasonable cost! 

How it works:

First, I’ll get you to fill out a questionnaire so I can get to know you, your business and your goals a little better, I’ll share my findings and thoughts with you during our first meeting. Prior to each meeting you’ll give me a rough idea of the aspects you’d like to focus on to ensure we make the most out of each meeting. We’ll meet virtually once a month for 1-hour (these are jam packed so make sure to be ready, focused with a notebook in hand)! And you will receive on-going email support as needed.

In addition to the on-going virtual support depending on the scenario, your goals and what we are working on I may suggest you to work through a few of the Wyld Method steps (each step is valued at $55+, you get for free!) you’ll also have access to the list of resources and connections I have curated over the years, we will continuously be reflecting on your progress and pivot as needed. 

The Details:

Commitment: I require us to work together for a minimum of 3 months in order of run to have enough time to implement a plan and see progress.

Investment: $250.00 CAD + gst / month 

Payment: I accept credit card and e-transfer 


If you are ready to focus on what you do best, grow your business, push your limits and meet with a like-minded intuitive entrepreneur, welcome to The Wyld Ride! To kick things off, fill out the application form here so I can get to know you a little better! If you have a few questions, are curious about the process and want to see if our values align (I tell all my clients to do this before hiring anyone) book your free 30-minute consult call.


I don't think there is anything else I love more than talking with entrepreneurs like YOU, I love assisting others in discovering their innate qualities, giving them permission to do what they love in their business and helping them elevate their business by getting them back to creating! I truly believe if you've read all the way to here, this is meant to be. Trust the signs, timing and the process as you are exactly where you are supposed to be right now. 

I can't wait to meet you!

- Cassy