The Essentials Tea Set
The Essentials Tea Set Tea gift set The Essentials Tea Set tea gift set
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The Essentials Tea Set

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 The essential items to make the perfect cup of tea and embrace all of nature's natural benefits it has to offer.

We believe it is essential to sip high-quality, certified organic loose-leaf tea to reap the overall purpose of each tea blend. To ensure each mug is full of the natural benefits and healing properties that we carefully intended we crafted each of these products for a specific purpose.


The essentials to steep the perfect cup of loose-leaf tea:

  • STEEPER - To allow the loose leaf tea to have space while steeping to allow the hot water to extract all of the natural benefits out of each ingredient.
  • LID - To keep the steam inside your mug to ensure all the benefits stay inside your mug and not be released through steam evaporation.
  • HANDMADE MUG - To slowly savour each sip from a comfortable yet stylish mug made from natural products.


The Essential Tea Set includes:

  1. One Coastal Mug
  2. One Coastal Steeper
  3. Two loose leaf tea blends of your choice*

*Please specify which blends you'd like in your tea set in the "special instructions for seller" at checkout. (Please take note of any blends we are sold out of)

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Purchasing as a gift? No problem! We'd be happy to add a special hand-written note inside your package, please specify what you'd like your note to say upon purchasing in the "special instructions for seller" at checkout.


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