Holiday tea gift bundle
Holiday tea gift bundle Pick Me Up flower remedy WITH FRIENDSHIP
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An intentional gift set inspired by unshakable friendships. The kind of bond formed over time through late nights, unexpected adventures and moments filled with both tears and laughter.


Each thoughtful gift is wrapped in a box and filled with friendship, inside appears special note and a custom holiday card.


With Friendship Includes: 

  • Pick Me Up Tea
  • Immunity Tea
  • Pick Me Up Flower Remedy
  • 'with friendship' holiday card
  • Gift wrapped


Our Thoughtful Gifting Collection was inspired by a conversation between our founder, Cassy and her husband as they discussed if they were exchanging gifts this year. This conversation quickly felt transactional, empty, she quickly realized she didn't desire a gift because it was the holidays, she desired a gift filled 'with love'. 


This holiday season give with meaning to those you care most about.

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