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Being an avid tea drinker doesn't mean you need to commit to drinking hot tea all year-round or become a seasonal tea drinker, we are excited to tell you all the goods about COLD TEA. As we head into longer, warmer days we've been buzzing about cold tea, if you are curious keep reading as we break a few myths, give you the how-to and tell you our favourite cold tea blends. 

The first question we always get asked is, "does it still have the same benefits when served cold?" the answer is YES, as long as you steep it hot for the recommended time. Hot water extraction is the best way to extract each herbs therapeutic properties to ensure each cup is packed with the most benefits. Once the process is complete- icing or cooling down your cuppa tea does not change the potency of benefits. 

Now for the how-to. We know being a tea drinker comes with the time and practice of making the perfect cup. The fact that you are reading this means you are probably already quite committed to being a tea drinker, if you're not let us tell you how easy it is to incorporate tea into your daily routine. 

How-to make cold tea:

  1. Heat water to specified temperature (this depends on the type of tea)
  2. Scoop loose-leaf tea into strainer (2 teaspoons for 1 regular cup of tea | 10 teaspoons for a 1L jug)
  3. Pour hot water over tea leaves till you reach 3/4 of the cup or jug
  4. Cover + steep loose-leaf tea for specified time (this depends on the type of tea)
  5. Remove loose-leaf tea strainer
  6. Fill the cup or jug with ice, stir + enjoy the herbal benefits of cold tea

Additional note: If you are thinking ahead and have time to let your tea sit and cool, you can also make cold tea by filling the hot water to the top of the cup or jug and place it in the fridge till it reaches your desired temperature (no need for ice). 

As the the days get warmer and nights get longer we tend to be a little more lenient with our schedules, routines and healthy habits. Incorporating nourishing herbs into your diet is a great way to keep your body hydrated, nourished and balanced as it is often depleted in the hot temperatures. It is also a great way to get those extra litres of water in if you are not so big on the whole idea in the first place. 

If you are the experimental type and love crafting up patio mock-tails or even the real deal, take our word for it, infusing refreshing cocktails with an aromatic herbal tea blend will be your new favourite patio bevy. Keep your eye out for a few of our favourite cocktail recipes. 

Lastly, our must-try cold tea blends. Lately we've been making two different blends cold depending on what our needs are at that time.

These are our must-try COLD TEA blends:

  1. DIGEST- this blend is refreshing with a minty base but grounding with a few bitter herbs. We like to enjoy this anytime of day to calm our digestive system, relieve any discomfort and quench our thirst. 
  2. REVIVE- this blend is refreshing with a more earthy green tea base and a touch of spicy ginger. We like to enjoy this on a sunny weekend afternoon for overall vitality- promoting natural liver detoxification, calming the stomach, boosting brain function and a little caffeine kick. 





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