Zero-Proof Cocktail Recipe: The Spring Spritz

Zero-Proof Cocktail Recipe: The Spring Spritz

Cassy Vantriet
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After what felt like the longest and coldest winter ever I've fully been embracing the early signs of spring! My taste buds have been shifting from roasted root veggies and comforting soups to crisp greens, vibrant fruits and aromatic herbs. Its as if the palette desires a refreshing cleanse this time of year, what better way to bring that together with a zero-proof cocktail recipe, here's our latest, the Spring Spritz!

This simple recipe requires a little prep work by creating and oxymel (herb infused vinegar and honey). The best part about having an oxymel on hand is the endless variations you can create and multiple ways to use it. They are great as a summer salad dressing, a juxtaposition to your vanilla gelato or as a cocktail base (a botanical gin works best). Oxymels have a balanced sweet and sour taste with notes of aromatic florals such as mint, rose and lavender depending on what type of tea you infuse with it. Here's a list of combinations you can create for a variety of purposes.

If you missed how to make your own oxymel check out how, here.

What You'll Need

  • Tea infused oxymel, we used our limited edition Spring Blossom Tea for its refreshing mint and aromatic florals (we also recommend our Me Time Tea, Hibiscus Lemonade Tea and Digest Tea)
  • Sparkling water (soda or tonic work well too)
  • Ice
  • Garnish (this can be any fresh fruit or berries and aromatic herbs from your garden like rosemary or basil)

How To Make The Spring Spritz

This simple recipe has endless possibilities, I encourage you to get creative and follow your cravings. Don't overlook the glassware or garnish as it elevates the entire experience and will excite your guests!

  1. Pour roughly a tablespoon of Spring Blossom oxymel over ice
  2. Top with sparkling water or your choice of soda / tonic
  3. Garnish with fresh fruit, berries and herbs

Or watch our how-to video here!

I hope you find as much joy and excitement crafting your Spring Spritz as I do!

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