Cassy's Wellness Essentials

Cassy's Wellness Essentials

Cassy Vantriet
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I curated this list of my wellness essentials with slight resistance and a little fear that I didn't have the best or a long list of items to share with you. Through this reflection I realized I was living my truth, I believe living essentially well isn't about the products that envoke wellness it is about the unconscious moments of the practice.

Let me better explain, WOASH was inspired by my travels overseas as I witnessed multiple cultures live in pure wellness each day, however what was so unique and different from how us in North America approach wellness is that it was embedded in their culture and daily habits it wasn't a choice or a chore or something they intentionally carved out, it just transpired, weaving effortlessly throughout their daily lives. 

I share these items with you in hopes to ignite a question: "what are your unconscious moments of wellness?" If they are few, get curious about what brings you small moments of joy, self-connection and nourishment throughout your day. 

Wellness Essentials Round Up


Water has always been a top priority of mine, with my biggest fear being dehydration and running out of water. I'm that person who doesn't leave the house without two water bottles in her purse and with that I have tried endless water filters seeking the cleanest water to hydrate my body, skin and cells. I've been using the Big Berkey water filter for about a year and it was the best investment I've ever made and the only water I'll ever drink again!

Big Berkey Water Filter


I highly value design and functionality especially when it comes to products that remain out in the open as they are used continuously throughout my day. After a few cheaper kettles and an expensive super functional Breville I was seeking a more modern styled kettle to live on my counter which is when I came across the Fellow Corvo Electric Kettle from a Vancouver shop, Old Faithful. This kettle bridges functionality and simple design effortlessly, with an LED temperature display, celsius and fahrenheit options and can hold a temperature for those times you forgot you were making a cup of tea. My only complaint would be that it is quite small but good enough for one pot of tea.

Fellow Electric Kettle


I don't think there is anything better than a space scented with aromatic herbs, they are not only beneficial on your mental health, mood, feeling of your home but they also can be used in endless recipes for at-home spa-like moments and cleaning products. Just ask Vitruvi, a local Vancouver company spearheading air care with style. As I type this I have my current favourite Boost essential oil blend diffusing in my black stone diffuser.

Vitruvi Stone Diffuser



On the trend of air care, I've intentionally filled our home with air purifying plants to cleanse the environment effortlessly and reduce indoor pollutants. Also the therapeutic benefits of having plants around are priceless. A few of my favourites are Zanzibar Gem, Snake Plant, Aloe Vera (multi use), Devil's Ivy, Rubber Plant, Spider Plant. 

Zanzibar Gem


A ritual that has become a staple in the past year are our Flower Remedies, these gentle yet powerful remedies have allowed me to take my emotional healing journey to a much deeper level (cellular level) without any additional effort (other than taking 4 drops, 4 times a day). These small moments throughout the day encourage me to take a deep breath, check-in and refocus on my intention. These unique remedies were developed to address an release imbalanced emotions unconsciously through the energetics of specific flowers and their unique healing properties. If you are seeking a deeper level of healing without all the therapy I highly recommend giving these a try!

WOASH Flower Remedies


The term 'grounded' is thrown around as if it is a feeling and maybe it is but technically being grounded is walking your bare-feet on the earth, swimming in the ocean or a lake. The moment your body connects with the negative electrons of the earth, which has a limitless supply of moving electrons giving the earth a negatively electric charge. When your body touches the earth it naturally dissipates all the positive electricity on us from our surrounding environment. Our bodies are balanced in a negative charge, however this is rarely the case as we spend most our time walking in rubber shoes and on concrete slabs. The side effects of this, well just take a look around at global health issues. When I lived in an apartment I found myself going days without being grounded so I seeked this amazing Grounding Mat by Earthing that sits under my keyboard on my desk where my wrists rest for hours a day and I unconsciously stay grounded.


As I mentioned above living essentially well comes from unconscious moments of joy, nourishment and self-connection for me the practice of tea envokes each of these aspects. It has become embedded into my daily routine without question: when I'm in need of comfort or specific physical releases or to initiate a moment of deeper connection, I rely on specific herbs and blends depending on what my body is needing or the current season I am in. My current favourites are The BLC, Beauty Base and Hibiscus Lemonade. Another amazing feature about tea blends is there are endless ways to embed them into your daily routine from elixirs, iced, infusions and many topical practices that offer the therapeutic benefits, discover how here.

WOASH Tea Blends


One of my favourite wellness practices is to formulate a bath soak to suit my current needs whether it is to nourish and hydrate the skin, relieve stress, invigorate the senses or just needing a moment of peace alone. I typically approach this process with my nose allowing it to guide me through which essential oils excite me, along side a dash of almond oil and a few scoops of Ancient Minerals Magnesium Flakes. On other occasions I'll steep a pot of Me Time or Beauty Base tea and pour it directly in the bath to allow my skin to absorb all of the therapeutic benefits as I soak. 

Here's my current favourite concoction: 

  • A blend of Sweet Orange, Lavender and Geranium essential oils or a pot of Beauty Base Tea
  • Almond Oil
  • Ancient Minerals Magnesium Flakes
  • This soothing song Ajai Alai - Erin Breech 

Ancient Minerals Magnesium Flakes


Last but sweetest my favourite honey to add to my morning BLC latte that delivers far beyond sweetener by boosting the immune system and increasing cognitive function, Beekeepers Natural's B.Powered Honey also doubles as a face mask to soothe and boost natural radiance!

Beekeepers Naturals B Powdered Superfood Honey

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