Spring Drink Ideas: Herb Infused Cocktails + Mocktails

Spring Drink Ideas: Herb Infused Cocktails + Mocktails

Cassy Vantriet
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What better way to get patio ready than having a variety of Spring drink ideas on-hand to sip and enjoy with a good book or family and friends! My many years in the restaurant and bar industry have invoked a long-term fascination with alchemy, mixology and taste making. Whether I'm out with family or at home hosting it is common practice to begin with a refreshing cocktail, a wine paring with dinner and finish with a digestif night cap.

Come to think of it crafting tea blends aren't too far off from crafting a well balanced cocktail. Many cocktails are built on the basis of botanicals merging their aromatic qualities with their beneficial properties to compliment and enhance a dining experience. 

I've rounded up my favourite spring cocktails and mocktails to inspire you and enjoy all season long. 

Spring Drink Menu

The Spring Spritz 

Our latest creation utilizing the sweet and sour balance of a tea infused oxymel, topped with sparkling water and endless garnish options. Try this as a zero-proof cocktail or add a botanical gin for a zing!

Chilled Hibiscus Lemonade

There's nothing like a chilled carafe of iced tea on stand-by in the fridge, make it on repeat in the evening and sip all day long. I also love to add fresh fruit for a fun infusion and for those patio happy hours add some bubbles for a tea infused mimosa. 

Me Time French 76

Our version of the classic French 75 (one of my favourite cocktails) for its sweet and sour balance. This cocktail infuses the peppery tulsi and aromatic florals of our Me Time Tea blend for a herbaceous botanical flavour.

Revive Hydrating Elixir

One of my favourite go-to's in the summer to replenish from the heat and quench my thirst. This simple 3 ingredient elixir has all the nourishing and detoxifying benefits of our Revive Tea blend with the hydrating minerals of himalayan salt and fresh lemon.

Don't forget share your spring drink ideas with us on social @woashwellness. Happy mixing!

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