No Path is Set in Stone with Roberta Vommaro

No Path is Set in Stone with Roberta Vommaro

Cassy Vantriet
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Roberta Vommaro, a bold, powerful and intuitive brazilian women grabbed the reins of her life and did a complete 180 after sitting in a hospital bed questioning how she got there in the first place. She is the founder of Salt & Spirit Wellness a Vancouver space, "to come as you are and leave more as you are" through the practice of Kundalini yoga, meditation and breath. 

Her path to her purpose is anything but conventional. From learning about energy beings in grade school to choosing her career path at 16 years old and skipping a year of college she found herself the youngest lawyer at the largest firm in the country. Most would say she was well on her path to success... She didn't think so.

Roberta's ME TIME MOMENT is a pure example of just how powerful the universe is and how it isn't afraid to knock you onto your chosen path even if that means health problems. 

Roberta Vommaro's Me Time Moment

1. Name, profession + how long have you been in your current profession?
Roberta Vommaro. Founder of Salt & Spirit Wellness. Kundalini and Meditation teacher.

2. What is your Astrological sign? What is your Human Design? (if you know it)
Cancer sun, Aquarius rising, Virgo Moon. I am a Manifesting Generator in Human Design.

3. What is your cup of tea?
PICK ME UP - "I've got mountains to move and lives to change!"

4. Where did you grow up + what was your childhood like?
I grew up in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. It was a mostly happy, very 80s childhood. I feel I enjoyed a good combination of freedom and structure. My Italian father always supported me and encouraged me to be whoever I wanted to be. My mother focused a bit more on discipline (something I didn't always love, but learned to appreciate over the years). I went to private Catholic school (one of my least favorite experiences), and very early on started to question religion and belief systems. Though the experience at Catholic school was mostly negative, I am grateful for it, because that's what sparked my interest in sort of an organic spirituality - one that was free from labels and systems.

5. What was your first job?
I was an intern at one of the biggest law firms in Rio.

6. When do you believe your inner self journey began?
I think the first experience started very early in my life. I was probably 13 or 14 and my Physics teacher explained the concept of atoms. He said "do you think you can touch your friend's arm? You can't. Because you are made of atoms, as well as she, and atoms don't touch." I was blown away! I started to picture the world not as matter, but as a bunch of atoms - essentially as energy - and everything changed after that. Slowly the concept of reality started to shift, as well as my idea of who I was. Around that time I discovered Yoga, a very foreign concept to an Italian girl going to Catholic school in the 90s.

7. What was a pivotal Me Time Moment in your life?
When I was 24 years old I had a serious kidney infection and was admitted to the hospital. At the time I was working very long hours at one of the biggest law firms in the country. The infection was serious and I had to be resting while taking heavy duty antibiotics for 2 weeks. Around that time I started to question my life, the choices I had made until then. I had been forced to go to Catholic school, then prompted into choosing a major at 16 (I was ahead of the class, so I skipped a year at college). I was the youngest International Tax Lawyer at my firm - and on many firms.

So I wondered. Why? Why did I end up here? Who's plan is this? It wasn't mine.

The realization came quickly. Very quickly. And I am not afraid of change - something I discovered then, and continue to notice now. So I gave my notice at the firm, and decided to take a year off to work on myself. I did a lot of yoga, meditation, healing. Pretty soon I discovered my calling was to help people, so very organically I became a full time yoga and meditation teacher.

Ft. Roberta Vommaro of Salt and Spirit Wellness
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