Me Time Ideas: Discover and Create Your Own Me Time Routine

Me Time Ideas: Discover and Create Your Own Me Time Routine

Cassy Vantriet
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‘Me Time’ the moments we most crave yet often become our last priority. More than ever we are being called to slow down, go inward and take care of ourselves. As our current environment is slightly forcing us to practice more ‘me time’ this may come easy to you and feel slightly liberating by the amount of space and time we have to do this - OR - you may feel completely out of your comfort zone, completely disrupted and uncomfortable with the abundance of alone time. We are here for you as ‘me time’ is well, kind of our thing. 


We are going to take a look into what ‘me time’ really is, the most common limiting beliefs around practicing ‘me time’, its benefit on our body’s and mind, a variety of me time ideas, what our community’s ‘me time’ looks like (each way is so unique and individualized!) and how to create your own ‘me time’ routine even if it’s 5 minutes a day it is all yours! 


Me Time is an Intentional Choice

Me time are those moments you choose you -- go inward, reflect and experience something you internally need and enjoy. It encourages you to put yourself first, take care of you, and give your body and mind whatever it may need at that moment to help you recharge and show up as your best self in your environment. 


Me Time is the act of checking in with yourself, listening to your body’s cues (it speaks to us, we just need to listen a little closer). When we get in the habit of continuously checking in throughout the day we are able to take small moments of intentional rest, movement, compassion and love in whatever unique shape or form that is required for you. 


Who Says You Can’t Have ‘Me Time’

Society, that’s who. We’ve been engrained with the idea that putting ourselves first, above everyone else is selfish. Somewhere down the line it became about everyone else, their needs, wants and desires. This of course varies for each individual and the role you are currently in within your life. I’m not saying forget everyone else and only think about yourself, rather intentionally doing this for moments at a time. 


Self care and doing things for yourself has got this negative reputation which causes us to feel guilty everytime we participate in the activity or even think about the act. All of our “people pleasing” tendencies and our need for external validation comes bubbling to the surface to make us feel even worse and therefore we squash the idea as it is seen as wrong, entitled, selfish and not accepted by those around us. 


If you can relate to any of the above, been there! I’m here to share that there is a way through these feelings and to balance your givingness to your ‘me time’. We’ll get into that shortly. 

Woash Wellness | Me Time Ideas


Why Should ‘Me Time’ Be at The Top of Your Priority List

Other than the endless benefits on the health of your mind and body, practicing a few moments of ‘me time’ allows you to come from a place of clarity, space, value and calmness in all areas of your life. What I mean by that is when you choose to put yourself first you are setting the energetic tone that you matter and portraying that out into the world through each facet of yourself. 


You’ll feel more energized, connected and in a state of awareness instead of reactive, burnt out and in constant fight or flight mode. This will allow you to make clearer decisions, help others from an authentic giving place, protect your energy and create an unwavering sense of self. 


By choosing to put yourself first above all other thoughts, beliefs and fears you are creating a new pattern in your life that YOU matter. And when YOU matter things begin to happen for you. 

How to Practice ‘Me Time’ 

Any way, shape or form you’d like! The key to practicing ‘me time’ daily is to accept wherever you are at, listen to what your body needs at that moment, indulge in something that will recharge your mind and body and do it consistently. 


There is no magic formula to ‘me time’ and that is the best part about it, my ‘me time’ wont’ look or feel like your ‘me time’ because we both like, enjoy and need different things. The most important thing to remember is to engage in things that you love, that make you happy, feel good (and by good I mean what ever feeling you are desiring at that moment). 


‘Me time’ does not need to be you sitting in a quiet dark room with candles, incense burning and attempting to clear your thoughts from your mind while you begin to curse whoever made up meditating in the first place. It can be going for a run, hiking, jumping out of a plane, baking, anything that you enjoy doing! What you don’t want is to be fooling yourself that your ‘me time’ is a numbing vice or negative pattern you indulge in; this wont serve you for the better but rather continue the avoidance of what is really going on. 


So, I dare you to choose YOU and do something you love today even if its for 2 minutes.


Me Time Ideas - How our community practices me time

If you are having troubles coming up with me time ideas or feeling a little stuck, possibly because it’s been so long since you put yourself first or asked yourself what you wanted, don’t worry we reached out to our community of Moms, entrepreneurs, career driven, multi-passionate individuals  to find out what ‘me time’ means to them and how they practice it! 


Don’t forget your ‘me time’ will look and feel very different than any of the below but I hope you can relate to a few of them in order to give yourself permission to discover your unique 'me time'.


 Woash Wellness | Me Time ideas


Me Time Idea's


Woash Wellness | Me Time Ideas 


My Personal ‘Me Time’ Routine

I’ve always been a bit of a home-body, although those of you who’ve met me may not think so as I can be quite the extrovert in social situations, however all that energy output often leads me to feel completely drained, seeking alone time to recharge my own energy, release others as I tend to absorb my environments and connect back to my centre. 


It wasn’t always this way, trust me! It took a few years for my ‘me time’ routine to become a daily non-negotiable, now I can’t start my day without checking-in seeing how I feel, what I feel like doing and responding with intentional activities that fill those needs up. 


Here’s a few of my ‘me time’ ideas I rotate through depending on what I need in that moment:

  • Journaling anything that is triggering in my day to day life - this helps me to work through my thoughts, feelings and discover what is really bothering me
  • Meditating - this allows me to reflect on things I need to work on personally, create space and often get a flood of ideas coming through
  • Movement - I lean more to low-impact movement as I find it to be restorative and strength building as well as enables me to be present in my body
  • Tuning into music that feeds my desired state of being with our NEW Woash playlists up on Spotify, my current favourite is ME TIME which helps to dissipate your environment and transcend you into a space of clarity and inner connection.
  • Being in nature - If I don’t smell fresh air once a day I feel claustrophobic, this changes a lot depending on what I’m craving; the ocean, forest, sunshine, a different view of my same neighbourhood, sometimes I like walking through quiet neighbourhoods it has this cozy homey energy to it. 
  • Something fun! This always looks different but I try to ask myself daily what is something fun and playful I can do today.
  • Leading with my intuition - This looks like me asking myself with a few deep breaths and my eyes closed what I feel like doing that day. I’ll get a few ideas and follow those as those always seem to flow right out of me and be my best productivity. I also use this practice when deciding how to nourish my body from which kind of tea blend (I'll tune in and see which ones I gravitate to and smell them, this is always a good indicator of which herbs I'm craving most), also a great practice for grocery shopping.


As a result of my daily me time routine I’ve noticed a major shift within myself, how I show up for those around me, my business and the abundance of opportunities that present themselves with minimal effort. This feeling of flow is addicting and keeps me motivated to continue on my intended purpose and all of the pivots that may encompass. 

Your Turn! Create Your Own ‘Me Time’ Routine

Here’s 6 simple tips to help you create your own me time ideas and routine:

1. Get quiet, look inward and ask yourself:

  • “Where are you feeling drained in your current schedule?” 
    • Make a list of everything that is draining your energy
  • “What would make me feel energized, what do I enjoy doing, something that would make me feel ____ (however you want to feel)?”
    • Create a list of things that would make you feel your desired feeling

2. Brainstorm how you can implement those things into your daily life

  • Create a list of activities small and large that would result in the above feeling (its a great idea to have a variety of lengths as you may not always have that full hour, a short 5 minute recharge is equally as beneficial!)

3. Give yourself permission - this is crucial especially if you found yourself thinking this was totally out of reach for you

4. Communicate to your loved ones - when you are needing a few ‘me time’ moments to ensure that boundaries are set and they know not to disturb you (you may not win every time but the more you communicate the more our environments get used to the idea)

5. Schedule it in - find what time of day works best for you whether that be right when you wake up, on our lunch break, during your shower or before bed

6. Make it non-negotiable - set a realistic length of time you can participate in each day

By choosing you and committing to your ‘me time’ routine the more benefits your mind and body will reap, the easier it will become for you and those around you, all while your environment may begin to shift into more clarity, space, calmness and pure enjoyment. Set a reminder to check-in with yourself daily as your needs may be different, refer back to your ‘me time’ ideas list and give yourself permission to choose YOU for a few moments a day. 


Make sure to add our NEW ME TIME Playlist, now live on Spotify to your me time ideas list, tune in to dissipate your environment and transcend into space of clarity and inner connection; make it a  full sensory experience with our ME TIME tea blend
If tea is large part of your 'me time' routine check out this blog to discover a variety of ways to use herbs from tea bathing, diffusing and cooking!

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