Overcoming Societal Pressures with Matt Corker

Overcoming Societal Pressures with Matt Corker

Cassy Vantriet
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Matt Corker an upbeat CEO of the Corker Collective and 6 year yoga teacher caught my attention as he walked on stage at a Vancouver conference energized and ready to WOW the audience, but first he instructed us all to take a quiet moment to breathe deeply and move our bodies.

He is an inspiration to those of us who define ourselves as, "multifaceted," often feeling undecided which passion or career to pursue - take notes from him as he encompasses his love for being on stage, recruiting and developing people and helping others stay grounded through yoga. He makes it clear by following your truth and sipping on Immunity you can do it all!

Matt's ME TIME MOMENT will leave you with goose bumps on your arms and a tear in your eye. His defining moment of choosing to tell HIS truth going against the heavy pressures he felt from society will have you feeling empowered to speak your truth


Matt Corker's Me Time Moment

1. Name, profession + how long have you been in your current profession?
Matt Corker. I develop leaders - as the CEO of The Corker Collective for the past 4 years, and as a yoga teacher for the past 6 years.

2. What is your Astrological sign? What is your Human Design? (if you know it)
Zodiac: Leo. Human Design: Generator. Enneagram: 8. StandOut Roles: Pioneer-Teacher.

3. What is your cup of tea?
IMMUNITY - "I got no time to be sick in bed"

4. Where did you grow up + what was your childhood like?
I grew up in Aurora Ontario, a small town north of Toronto. I was the kid who loved to perform on stage and also stayed up late reading leadership books like Stephen Covey's "7 Habits of Highly Effective TEENS." I loved spending summers at our family cottage and at summer camp. During the school year, I was involved in so many extracurricular activities that it shielded me from my parents divorce and the events leading up to it.

5. What was your first job?
My first job (besides my paper route) was actually performing on stage in Toronto with Donny Osmond in "Joseph and The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat." I was a member of the kids choir when I was 10.

6. When do you believe your inner self journey began?
At 10 I started to wonder why I wasn't interested in girls the same way my guy friends were. So I turned to leadership literature to better understand myself - to better put language to how I felt. While it didn't help me clarify my sexuality, it did kick start my love for deep self inquiry and courageous leadership.

7. What was a pivotal Me Time Moment in your life? 
By my third year of University, I had been on a whirlwind journey trying to make sense of who I was and who I was attracted to. I had dated girls. And I had fooled around with guys behind closed doors. I hid who I was by playing the role society encouraged me to play - straight. (Truth be told, my young acting days conditioned me to play roles with great ease so it wasn't such a departure of how I usually spent my time - being a character that someone else wanted me to be.)

In 2007, I was (secretly) dating this great guy at school. It took a lot of effort to keep our relationship a secret because I was really infatuated with him. One morning after he stayed at my place, my alarm went off and I quickly realized I was going to be late for brunch with my sister. I grabbed clothes and shoes as quickly as possible and headed out the door.

Part way through brunch, my sister noticed the green high tops I was wearing (which belonged to my boyfriend, not me). "Nice shoes," she said. "Where did you get them?"

My eyes widened. My heart started pounding. My palms got sweaty. My sister, someone I utterly adore to this day, just asked a very loaded question - without even knowing it. And I had the opportunity to either brush it off and lie, or tell her the truth and risk her reaction.

"They're my boyfriends." I stopped breathing. "Oh. Are you two happy?" she asked. "... yeah, yeah we are."

And brunch went on like nothing happened. Yet, from my perspective, everything happened.

That moment at brunch would be a defining moment where, in public, I chose to tell the truth about who I was. To risk the reaction in the name of full self expression.

Now, 12 years and a few more great relationships later - I am happily married to the man of my dreams. The assumptions of what role I should play still come up in public ... "Oh you're married - how's your wife" "Will your girlfriend be joining you this evening" ... and each time I think about those green sneakers. Do I brush it off, or do I tell the truth.

Do I tell MY truth.

If I wasn't honest with myself and those around me, I would have never gotten to experience the overwhelming love that I get to share every day with my husband.

Ft. Matt Corker of the Corker Collective

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