Taking The Leap With Lilian Umurungi-Jung

Taking The Leap With Lilian Umurungi-Jung

Cassy Vantriet
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We met with Lilian Umurungi Jung, founder of Mumgry to hear all about her Me Time Moment. Not only did she change how I looked at Nutella by getting me hooked on her chocolate peanut butter (side note: I don't even like chocolate, it is that GOOD!) but also opened up my eyes to a world that I was unfamiliar with, through her honest and raw Podcast, The Mumgry Podcast. Co-hosted with her high-school BF, Isabelle Alexander - these two will keep you engaged and curious to dive in!

Mumgry is a Vancouver based nut butter company that only uses the good stuff. Her company was created through her personal experience while pregnant and the lack of nutritious snacks available that considered every stage of pregnancy. An inspiring story that began in her home kitchen, Lilian share's her pivotal moment where she swore she'd never work for anyone ever again

If you feel stuck in your career, stage of life, yearning for something more (most likely on your own terms) or you are just hungry and snackless, Lilian's Me Time Moment will leave you inspired knowing that no matter where you come from, your current position, or anything life throws at you, YOU are in control and can pivot at anytime to make your dreams real!


Lilian Umurungi Jung Me Time Moment

1. Name, profession + how long have you been in your current profession?
Lilian Umurungi-Jung, Owner & Founder of MUMGRY, 9 months
2. What is your Astrological sign? 
I am a Leo
3. What kind of tea sipper are you?
THINK - the creative + determined doer
4. Where did you grow up + what was your childhood like?
I grew up in the projects off Hastings and Campbell for the first 9 years of my life. Our corner unit was decorated with art, sculptures and baskets from Rwanda and strange antique finds from Value Village. I was a latchkey kid and spent most of my time following my 4 siblings around or hanging out with my best friend Karla who lived two doors down. After school I went to Ray-Cam Community Center. I played Chinese jump rope every chance I got. On weekends we spent hours cleaning the house and guests would come over. On some weekends I tagged along with my bff to Spanish Catholic School. We roamed the projects, hung out with other families and took advantage of the amenities (basketball courts, playgrounds etc). We were poor but our lives were rich with good people and damn good authentic ethnic food.
5. What was your first job?
Child Actor, I enjoyed the money but my parents didn't like me missing school so it was short lived.
6. When do you believe your inner self journey began?
After my second miscarriage I spent the next 6 months doing introspective work to understand who I was and what my purpose was going to be on this planet. I had a lot of pain to overcome both physically and mentally.
7. What was a pivotal Me Time Moment in your life? 
When I was laid off from my job a few months into my maternity, due to a company shut down I decided that I wasn't going to work for anyone ever again. Since I had a brand new baby reality set in and I broke my promise and went to a few interviews. However, my dream for MUMGRY consumed me and I couldn't ignore it anymore so I took a gamble and used all my severance money to kickstart my dream.

Ft. Lilian Umurungi Jung of MUMGRY

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