My Plant Journey: Learning About Herbs and Their Benefits

My Plant Journey: Learning About Herbs and Their Benefits

Cassy Vantriet
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I often wonder how I ended up founding an herbal based wellness brand and continuously discover small details that add to the greater picture. It is the one question I get hung up on as my exposure to the healing properties and benefits of herbs was quite limited until I started this company. So here's a more transparent look into my plant journey and how moving to 5 acres in the woods has drastically shifted my perspective on the human connection to nature and our surroundings.

When I say my exposure was quite limited I mean it, although I grew up in a household where sugar was minimal, fruits and veggies were the main course and anything fast and processed was few and far between I never cared to further understand my food and the impact it had on my body. I'm not really one to sit down and hit the books to understand something I like to experience them first hand and see how they make me feel; this continues to be my approach to herbs, plant medicine and how I create new purposeful tea blends.

The concept of Woash was born out of a feeling rather than a specific life changing experience where herbs were the main event. I have fond memories of having tea time with my sister and our Oma and Opa where we would sit around their breakfast nook and enjoy a cup of tea with loads of sugar and milk and a cookie to dip in it. It offered this sacred time to connect, laugh and create memories together. Once I was in my early 20's I took off travelling for many months at a time, while bouncing around different cities, villages, beach towns and countries I longed for that sense of home - something familiar and comforting just as those 'tea times' with my grandparents were. A cup of tea became that feeling for me. 

My exposure to the benefits of herbs was unintentional. During my travels I became exposed to many different kinds of tea's that were unique to each culture and embedded in their traditions. I was able to taste tea from different regions, herbal blends that were native to specific areas and chat with 7th generation tea makers and market tea sellers. This is also when I learned that all different types of teas come from the same plant! Mind blown! 

In the early days of woash I felt way out of my element, who was I to be sharing and selling products based on the benefits of herbs when I was just learning them myself. After a bit of time feeling inadequate in this area, I began to realize that I was on this journey right along side my community. We were all learning, trying and tasting these herbs (some) for the first time and others possibly in a new way. Receiving messages from people sharing their unique experience and how our tea blends made them feel or how they used it excited me!

"Herbs and teas have now become part of my daily routine in a variety of ways and something I find completely fascinating in how I continuously learn something new about myself as I learn about them."

I can't help but ponder the phycological impact herbs have on us and all the wisdom they have to teach us. From their physical benefits through teas and cooking with them to their vibrational benefits on our emotional wellbeing through flower remedies and to their physical presence on our mental health and overall wellbeing. 

Since we relocated from our 2 bedroom apartment in downtown Vancouver where we had to plan, commute and carve out time to be in nature to our rancher nestled right into nature, surrounded by tall pines, shrubs, bushes, wild flowers and so much more my perspective has shifted into how I impact nature, the role I choose to play within it and the daily teachings it cares to share with me. I've become incredibly conscious of how alive our little corner of the earth is and how I can preserve and give back to it. My approach to waste and what goes down our drain has shifted drastically as what I use and eat, the plants will eventually soak up through our soil. I've been excitingly and frustratingly exploring my green thumb with a fruit, veggie and herb garden, check that out here.

I've become a student to our property and share my journey in hopes you'll share yours with me sometime. Plants are naturally here and thrive to grow, nourish and heal us. I'm beyond excited I get to share my learnings about herbs with you through words, images, videos and our intentional products.

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