Choosing Myself For The First Time with Kristy Vail

Choosing Myself For The First Time with Kristy Vail

Cassy Vantriet
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I have the pleasure of calling Kristy, of Kristy Vail Studio a dear friend, her dedication to self-growth, helping others achieve inner acceptance and coaching sensitive and introverted women how to utilize their unique gifts is only a glimpse of all her inner beauty. 

Kristy like many women out there struggled to navigate her inner emotions and self, often feeling different and conforming to others by putting them first. Her 10-year long self-journey has enabled her to develop unique skills and tools for women just like her. She helps and inspires women on the daily to step into their true self with confidence, face their fears and take their personal and professional relationship to the next level!

After years of rejecting her needs she finally realized that her worth wasn't determined by anyone else but herself- she came out of a very UGLY situation by making the choice to put herself first.


Kristy's Me Time Moment

1. Name, profession + how long have you been in your current profession?
Kristy Vail, Life Coach for Sensitive & Introverted Women
2. What is your Astrological sign? What is your Human Design? (if you know it)
Leo Sun and Generator
3. What is your cup of tea?
Me Time - sometimes I find it easier to hold space and show up for others. This tea serves as a loving reminder to myself (and the women I gift it to) to slow down, enjoy your own company and always hold space for yourself, even if it's just a couple of minutes a day.  
4. Where did you grow up + what was your childhood like?
In Port Moody (a lovely suburb outside of Vancouver!) That is a loaded question! My parents divorced when I was little but it was very amicable. That being said, my family is incredible and although my three parents (step dad included) are very different, they collectively taught my brothers and I, the value in having a strong work ethic and being grateful for what we have. These values are still prominent in my life and have shaped me as a person in many ways. Growing up, I was (still am) very sensitive & introverted which I struggled with at times, navigating social dynamics, heavy emotions, external expectations, etc. The last 10 years, I've made it my mission to understand, accept and embrace these qualities. My biggest struggle has now become my life's work and I'm beyond honoured to help other women transform their experience as a sensitive & introverted person.
5. What was your first job?
Working at The Bay as a seasonal hire (in the Christmas decor section) when I was 15 years old!
6. When do you believe your inner self journey began?
About ten years ago. It first started with things like Oprah, TedTalks, Tony Robbins and spiralled into various courses, podcasts and other educational content with the world's most renowned, conscious & spiritual teachers.
7. What was a pivotal Me Time Moment in your life? 
I had been in an on and off, unhealthy relationship for years. Constant push and pull, distrust between the two of us, many drunken fights, lots of intentional hurt and I didn't have the awareness at the time but I was in VERY low self worth in this relationship. I would allow things that I now would NEVER fathom, I would do vindictive things that now would NEVER cross my mind. It was UGLY, the person I was being was ugly, small and the opposite of my best self. There came one pivotal night when he cancelled on me *again* and I decided I was done with feeling small and low priority and I knew I had two options - let it slide again or walk away. I chose myself for the first time in forever. It wasn't easy, he called for months, I had many weak moments when I wanted to see him but I kept listening to that small voice inside saying *you're better than this* and I continue to let that voice guide me today.

Ft. Kristy Vail - Kristy Vail Studio

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