Cooling Ice Facial: Herbal Infused

Cooling Ice Facial: Herbal Infused

Colette Yeomans
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Whether you wake up often or on occasion with puffiness around your face and eyes, ice facials will become a morning ritual especially during these hot summer months. They are great to reduce inflammation, soothe sun kissed skin and offer a refreshing awakened feeling. 

Cooling Ice Facial Recipe

All you need:

How-to make:

  1. Make a cup of Beauty Base tea as you normally would (2 tsp / 12 oz of water)
  2. Steep for 15+ minutes, covered
  3. Remove steeped tea leaves and let cool
  4. Pour steeped tea into ice cube tray and place it in the freezer until frozen
  5. Optional: sprinkle a little extra loose tea on top of each ice cube for a gentle exfoliation

How to use: 

Remove one ice cube and hold it in your hand or a towel if needed, gently glide the ice cube over the face moving from the inside of the face outwards for extra lymphatic drainage. Use the side with loose tea frozen inside for a gentle exfoliation as your glide along the face. The ice cube is not only cooling the skin by temperature it is penetrating the brightening, balancing and tonifying effects of the Beauty Base herbs deep into the skin for a boost of radiance. 

Photos by Cristina Gareau

When To Use

Practicing a cooling ice facial will help to de-puff the skin in the morning especially around the eyes, soothe sunburns after a day in the sun or if you tend to have redness in your skin, it can also help reduce oil and soothe acne breakouts when the skin is irritated.

You can also pop the ice cubes into still or sparkling water to infuse your water and boost the benefits of hydration.

Benefits of a Cooling Ice Facial

  • Reduces puffiness and inflammation
  • Soothes sunburns 
  • Assists in lymphatic facial drainage
  • Reduces excess redness and heat in the skin
  • May reduce excess oil
  • Ease acne breakouts 

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