Hydrating Face Mist Recipe with Beauty Base

Hydrating Face Mist Recipe with Beauty Base

Colette Yeomans
2 minute read

The sunshine, cold weather and seasonal changes can take a toll on your skin, especially making it feel and appear less than hydrated, soft and radiant. To help you avoid this feeling here's an easy hydrating face mist recipe you can create at home and use all day long!

Hydrating Face Mist Recipe

All you need:

  • A glass spray bottle or previously used toner bottle
  • Our Beauty Base tea blend
  • Kettle
  • Funnel 
  • A few herbs from your garden (optional)


  1. Scoop 1 tsp of Beauty Base tea blend into a tea steeper
  2. Boil water to 205 degrees Fahrenheit 
  3. Pour hot water over loose tea leaves
  4. Cover and steep for 15+ minutes
  5. Strain out tea leaves and let cool
  6. Pour steeped Beauty Base tea into glass spray bottle
  7. Optional: Add a few herbs from your garden for that special touch (lavender, rose buds, rosemary)
  8. Pop it in the fridge for an extra cooling affect (it will last one-week in the fridge)

When to use:

Spray a few pumps onto your skin throughout the day when your skin is feeling hot, dehydrated or lacking nourishment. 

Hydrating Face Mist Benefits

Our Beauty Base tea blend was designed by Colette of Clarité Wellness - skincare expert and celebrity facialist to be equally as beneficial topically as it is internally. This recipe being one of her go-to's during the summer months to hydrate and nourish her skin on-the-go. The Beauty Base contains hydrating and cooling rose petals, calming chamomile and calendula, detoxifying dandelion leaf, remineralizing horsetail and protective rosehip. A must this summer to support your skin!

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