How To Say WOASH and Where Our Name Came From

Cassy Vantriet
4 minute read

I’m going to guess if you are reading this you’ve come across our brand and spent a few seconds sounding out our name, WOASH in your head... You may or may not be saying it correctly, don’t worry that's why I made this short yet entertaining video of the most common ways I hear WOASH being said! There's no shock to us since we made it up and it goes against every grammar rule out there.

Take a quick listen to have a good laugh and to learn how to pronounce WOASH! As well find out how we came up with the word WOASH!


Naming a brand is the fun, exciting part, where you finally get to see your brand have its own identity and become a reality not just an abstract idea floating around in your head right? Absolutely not in our case! If it was yours, I’m extremely jealous and I could have used your help!

There is so much pressure on naming a business, the biggest commitment you’ll ever make (I’d even rank it higher than my wedding, sorry Mr. W) your stuck with it forever! The name has to speak to who your brand is, identify it as a whole, it’s the first thing a potential customer will come in contact with within your brand, it has to be memorable, unique, catchy, ideally become a its own verb, (I’ve been told once your brand name has become a verb then you know you’ve finally made it) so everyone start “WOASHING” please!


So here it is, how WOASH came to be.

My husband and I spent many days yelling words out loud for hours even in the middle of the night (since this task kept me up all night), most were incredibly ridiculous and extremely far fetch you wouldn’t even have known what kind of business we were trying to name. We were using the concept of throw shit on the wall and see what sticks, clearly wasn’t getting us anywhere. I became incredibly frustrated and thought I’d have to settle for some lame, “Cassy’s Wellness Tea” type of name. 

So, like most frustrating situations I grabbed my running shoes and took to the seawall in a full sprint trying to get out of my head. When I could barely breathe anymore I cooled down by sitting ocean side on a very windy day and watched the waves crash on the shoreline. I remember thinking the ocean seemed as mad and frustrated as I was, reflecting this back at me every time a wave crashed on the shore. Basically feeling defeated and about to give up I began to think about how many times I’d been sitting ocean side pondering some sort of decision and how calm and grounded this environment made me feel. Realizing, that is exactly how I wanted my future customers to feel when they came across my brand my intuition spoke loud and clear, “there has to be some killer word representing the movement of water.”

After jumping on Google for a few days determined to find the best word to describe the movement of water, I came across ‘wash’ – the aftermath of a wave crashing on the shore. After learning how to say ‘wash’ in every language we combined two different language “sounds-like” words and WOASH was created! I was obsessed, knew it was perfect even thought most people would not have a clue how to say it. It ticked all the boxes and became the root of what our brand is today.

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