How to Make Iced Tea: Organic Loose Leaf

How to Make Iced Tea: Organic Loose Leaf

Cassy Vantriet
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Summer is in full swing with beach days, patio dinner parties and outdoor activities!

Beat the heat by staying hydrated and nourished with a refreshing glass of iced tea, the perfect way to utilize the benefits of nature when self-care may not be top of mind. Whether you prefer a carafe of iced tea in your fridge or are seeking to quench your thirst right now here's all the details on how to make a cold glass of iced tea.

How to Make Iced Tea

  1. Boil water to suggested temperature
  2. Scoop 2 tsp of loose leaf tea per 12 oz of water into tea steeper (double it if you desire a stronger taste)
  3. Pour hot water over loose leaf tea and let steep covered for suggested time
  4. Strain steeped loose leaf tea leaves, dispose into compost
  5. Make it cold either by:
    1. Pouring tea directly over ice (keep in mind the ice will water the tea down, doubling your loose leaf tea in step two will help to keep it full of flavour)
    2. Let the steeped tea cool in the fridge and sip once it is at your desired temperature

Our Favourite Herbs Served Iced:

  • Hibiscus
  • Mint
  • Citrus
  • Green Tea
  • Rose
  • Calendula

We've rounded up our best organic loose leaf tea blends served iced! Discover our Summer Sippers collection here!

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