How To Make Bullet Tea

How To Make Bullet Tea

Cassy Vantriet
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Have you heard the latest buzz in the tea world, bullet tea!

If you are unfamiliar with the bullet concept it’s similar to bulletproof coffee, but since we are strictly tea sippers over here we re-created it to be bullet tea so we could see what all the hype is about. And trust us there is hype to be had!

It seems that bulletproof coffee swooped in one day and has taken over café menus giving Keto diets a great option to get their healthy fats in. But now we are beginning to see bullet tea popping up at well-known cafes, blogs and influencer pages. Why not double up the benefits with a therapeutic herbal blend to enhance the experience and support your body in more ways than one. We couldn’t be more excited to get on this train and get everyone on board!


So what is bullet tea? It’s a blended hot beverage that consists of a cup of your favourite WOASH tea blend mixed with high quality MCT oil or another fatty oil. The idea behind bullet tea is to give you a high dose of healthy fats that is incredible for brain function, digestion and depending on which holistic tea blend you choose feel free to tack on all those nourishing health benefits as well.

Depending on your health and what your specific body needs will depend on what you add to your bullet tea. In my case I need a good dose of healthy fats and often drink this in the morning before I eat breakfast to kick-start my brain and digestion. I add a few more healthy fats to the blender such as grass-fed unsalted butter (which is the bulletproof way) or a splash of coconut milk. We suggest experimenting and doing what feels the best for you but a fatty oil is a must and is the trick to boosting energy and brain function.



Lets talk MCT oil and the possible benefits it contains.

Our favourite MCT oil is Naked Coconuts – its raw, cold pressed and extra virgin.

  • Quick source of energy due to it being easily absorbed and transported within the body since the liver isn’t required to breakdown the shorter-chain fats.
  • Boosts brain function by using the high dose of healthy fats to improve the function of brain cells.
  • Contains a variety of antifungal and antimicrobial properties to reduce infections
  • Weight loss by increasing fullness, fat loss and energy burning

Another favourite oil of ours to use is flaxseed oil. It offers a great source of omega-3 fatty acids and is nutrient dense. 

Here are some of the amazing possible health benefits of flaxseed oil:

  • Omega-3 fatty acids are much needed in our diet and often get missed since most of us don’t eat 2 servings of fatty fish each week
  • Great for skin and hair health
  • Contains anti-inflammatory properties
  • Supports regular digestive functions

Whichever route you decide to go know that you are boosting your health in a variety of ways.


Now for our favourite part! Which tea blends are best in bullet tea? We switch it up depending on what we are needing that day, an extra brain boost we use THINK because of its high dose of gingko and also lowers stress levels, perfect start to the day. If we need an extra caffeine kick to wake us up we use PICK ME UP for its high caffeine level, supportive herbs and non-energy crashing properties, thank you Matcha! If we are feeling a little under the weather we use IMMUNITY for its high vitamin C content, anti-inflammatory and astringent properties. Each of those blends have a unique flavor profile and change the way each bullet tea tastes but hands down they are all amazing in there own way! If you are unfamiliar with any of our tea blends check them out here and discover how beneficial herbs, spices, roots and leaves can be to naturally nourish and support our bodies overall health.

Now, how do you make bullet tea? It’s super simple, all you need is a blender, your favourite WOASH tea blend, oil of your choice and grass-fed butter and / or (optional coconut milk).

WOASH Bullet Tea Recipe:

  • Steep a cup of your favourite WOASH tea blend
    • 1 tbls organic coconut milk
    • In a blender mix for 30 seconds all of your ingredients
    • Cup of hot steeped WOASH tea
    • 1 tbls of MCT oil or Flaxseed oil
    • 1 tbls grass-fed non salted butter
    • Optional add: (worth a try!

Easy as that! We hope you enjoy your WOASH Bullet Tea, let us know what you create below, we love trying new things and sharing them with our community!


To discover more delicious recipe's with our tea blends click here.


Our founder, Cassy's favourite blend for her morning bullet tea is PICK ME UP




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