How to Facial Steam: Benefits for The Skin

How to Facial Steam: Benefits for The Skin

Cassy Vantriet
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Aghhh facial steams, creating a tea blend that was crafted to be multi-faceted and used as a tea and a facial steam (among other things) brought back moments of nostalgia and waves of fear. I've been using this method of steaming the face to open and cleanse deep into the pores since I was a little girl. I suffered from severe acne on my face, chest and back causing me to literally try anything to help clear my skin and take away the daily embarrassment of puberty. 

It wasn't unusual to see me and my sister hunched over the coffee table above a steaming bowl with towels over our heads. Which means I'm beyond excited to share this powerful spa-like treatment that you can create easily and quickly at home for less than $15.00. Here's how to facial steam and the benefits it can have on your skin. 

Benefits of Facial Steaming

This facial method has been used for decades and has even resulted in brands creating 'facial steamers', I'm happy to tell you don't waste your money or time on one of these gadets as all you need is a bowl, kettle, bath towel and our Beauty Base tea blend to create your very own spa-like facial steam. 

A facial steam encourages the pores to gently open in the same way a heat pad or hot tub helps tense muscles relax. It allows the face to sweat and naturally cleanse by removing dirt and oils with it. Steam is made up of little water particles, when steeped in our Beauty Base tea blend it will carry each ingredients properties with it and penetrate deep into your pores allowing your skin to absorb the volatile oils and skin benefits it has to offer. 

Our Beauty Base Facial Steam will help to deeply cleanse the face, soothe and calm irritated skin, strengthen connective tissue, brighten and even skin-tone while tightening and holding moisture to come out with supple radiant skin. 

How to Facial Steam

What you'll need:

  • How water safe bowl (the size of a medium mixing bowl)
  • Kettle or pot
  • Large bath towel (or one that can cover your head)
  • Beauty Base Tea Blend

How to facial steamPhoto by Cristina Gareau

How to make Facial Steam:

  1. Bring 1L of water to a boil (212 F)
  2. Set up your hot water safe bowl in the position you will be doing the facial steam, a table top and chair that you'll be comfortable sitting in hunched over for 10 - 15 minutes
  3. Pour 5 - 8 teaspoons of Beauty Base tea into the bottom of the bowl
  4. Pour hot water over top of the loose leaf tea about 3/4 of the way full
  5. Take a comfortable seat and drape your bath towel over the back of your head
  6. Lean forward over top of the steam and cover your head and the bowl with the towel, deeply inhale and take breaks as needed

The water and steam are very hot, feel free to let it cool slightly before steaming your face and feel free to test it before fully comitting with the towel.

When to Facial Steam

Practicing a a facial steam weekly is a great way to deeply cleanse your face from daily pollutants and toxins found in the air or during the warmer seasons when sunscreen is heavily used. It is also a great way to reduce skin irritation and acne during breakouts from your cycle or if certain foods tend to make you purge. 

Facial steams are a beautiful practice to gently and naturally treat your skin to a little spa-like moment or enhance your weekly at-home facial routine. 

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