All Natural Glazed Donut Skincare Routine

All Natural Glazed Donut Skincare Routine

Cassy Vantriet
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IYKYK! The glazed donut glow has taken the beauty industry by storm thanks to Hailey Bieber's flawless glow and her new skincare line, Rhode. The glazed donut look elevates the previous "dewy" trend created by highlighters and makeup (making it temporary) with a more well balanced natural skin glow. Don't mistake this look for shiny or greasy, it is a soft natural glisten similar to a 'glazed donut' created by well hydrated skin and replicating the natural layers of the skin with your skincare routine.

We've created an easy all-natural skincare routine made exclusively with our Organic Beauty Base Tea Blend to give you that all natural glazed donut glow right at home. Our Beauty Base Tea was designed by celebrity facialist, Colette Yeomans of Clarite Wellness to be equally effective and beneficial topically as it is internally. She is a leading expert in all things skin and better known as the guasha queen. She bridges her knowledge of ancient methods and modern science from Europe and China to approach the skin in a holistic way, addressing internal imbalances with natural remedies to bring the skin back to its natural radiant state.

The glazed donut look is created by replicating the natural layers of the skin with your topical routine while balancing everything from within so your skin is able to receive all the benefits. We've created an all natural glazed donut skincare routine utilizing the natural benefits of our organic Beauty Base Tea in a variety of easy and effective methods. It'll feel as if you've just left the spa with that amazing glow.

The Glazed Donut Skincare Routine

Morning / Evening

Step 1 - Cleanse the skin using a milk based or oil based cleanser as to not disturb or strip the skin of its natural oils. Try to cleanse only in the evening to remove any make up or daily pollution on the skin, in the mornings a simple water rinse will help to leave the skin in its natural state but still feel fresh.

Step 2 - In the mornings take one Beauty Base infused ice cube and gently sweep it over the face from the middle, out and upwards. This is a great way to de-puff and revive the skin, the herbs will melt into the skin drenching the skin with minerals and botanicals while the cool ice eases swelling and inflammation, calms acne or heat related sensitivities, reduces signs of aging and gives a beautiful glow to the skin. This is essential to achieving the glazed donut glow.

Step 3 - Both morning and night mist the skin with a Beauty Base facial mist to replicate the layer of water under the skin. This will help to trap moisture and hydration in the skin and can be repeated throughout the day for an easy refresh!

Step 4 - Feel free to add in your toner, serums and face cream like normal after you mist.

Step 5 - Both morning and night seal in your topical skincare routine with the Beauty Base infused face oil. This will act as a barrier to protect the skin and lock in each layer of hydration for an all day glazed donut glow. 


Balance the skin from within is key to maximizing the benefits of the above routine, our Beauty Base Blend was designed to be equally effective internally as it is topically. We suggest sipping Beauty Base Tea daily, hot, iced or room temperature, it helps to bring the skin back to its natural base by working with specific organs that tend to show imbalances on the skin.

Utilizing a gentle, all natural exfoliant on the skin helps to keep it soft and supple while removing any dead skin, allowing the above routine to penetrate deep into the skin. We suggest using our B.Powered Honey as it has a gentle grittiness that exfoliates and the honey soothes the skin topically. 

Lastly, treat yourself to a beautiful ancient spa-like treatment, a botanical facial steam. The warm, botanical enriched vapour will gently open the pores allowing a deep cleanse of any impurities while bringing fresh blood to the skin giving a healthy radiance and glow.

These simple practices and all natural remedies are easy and approachable to make while being very cost effective and more beneficial than most skincare you can find on the shelves. Being consistent and listening to your skins needs is essential in creating an everyday glazed donut glow!

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