Collaborator Feature: Georgina Durcan

Collaborator Feature: Georgina Durcan

Cassy Vantriet
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I (virtually) sat down with Georgina Durcan, Intuitive Therapist and Bach Flower Remedy practitioner as she lives on the sea side of Ireland. Georgina previously spent a few years studying in Vancouver, BC, with perfect timing our paths crossed through a mutual friend, at the time I was needing reassurance and intuitive guidance, I booked a session with her and was blown away by her innate ability to tune-in and share my inner-guidance in such a digestable and approachable way. 

After our session she recommended a Flower Remedy to me to deepen the healing of my emotional shifts. I'd dabbled with Flower Remedies in the past but never quite understood the power of them, there was something extra special about Georgina's approach to creating the perfect remedy, offering my soul exactly what I needed at that time. She once said to me, "You will just know when you are ready for Flower Remedies and their powerful healing."

Since that remedy I've been utilizing them in conjunction with my other practices to deepen the healing on an emotional and cellular level, possibly better said to "fast track your healing." Georgina has been using Flower Remedies since she was a young girl to support her healing journey and became a certified Bach Practitioner once she felt her clients needed a tangible tool to deepen the work they did together. Here's a peek into her story and our Flower Remedy collaboration.

Interview with Georgina Durcan, Flower Remedy Practitioner 

1. What was the pivotal moment that made you become a flower remedy practitioner?

The pivotal moment that made me train in flower remedies , was when I realised that my clients really needed the healing that we were doing on a spiritual and emotional level, to be grounded into the body. They needed to be grounded and worked on, on a cellular level in the body. I intuitively felt they needed a physical tool, that harnessed the healing work, and gave them a tangible way to work through the healing. I then decided I needed to share what I had been using in my own personal life since my childhood that had helped me through so much, and also sharing the power and healing that nature can gift us with. I decided to train and deepen my knowledge of the remedies so I could share with my clients, and all those looking to clear and heal emotional issues on a deep cellular level in the body. 

2. How did you harness your skill?
I studied with the Bach Centre in the UK and also used my own personal experience with the remedies.

"All those looking to clear and heal emotional issues on a deep cellular level in the body"

What do you enjoy most about flower remedies?

I enjoy intuitively being guided to the most perfect remedy, I let my intuition guide me to pick a remedy, and when I read up about it, it is always so perfect for what I need at that time. I also love the simplicity and beauty in the remedies.

4. How do you create space for new ideas and creativity to flow?

I create space for new ideas by always carving out time for stillness and silence in my day, so the ideas can drop into my awareness.

5. What was the inspiration behind each Flower Remedy?
The inspiration came from connecting into the intention behind each tea, focusing on the feelings connected to each tea blend, then intuitively listening to the remedies that came to me, that would best support and harness the power of the tea blend, to provide a deeper level of healing and truly support the wellness journey of the person receiving the remedy and tea.

You will just know when you are ready for Flower Remedies and their powerful healing."

6. What did the process look like to design each Flower Remedy?
I would read about each tea blend, understand the intention and meaning behind each tea blend, then when I felt really sure of this, I would go into a deep meditation asking for the remedies I needed for the blend to come to me. When the meditation ended I would pray to my guides and ask for clarity and guidance and to let me be a channel. I would then write down all that came to me, and I was always given the exact perfect remedies for each blend.

7. Post creating, how do you recharge and enjoy a little me time?

After a time of creation, I always recharge in nature, so I would go for a sea swim or just walk by the sea or in the woods, asking nature to fill my cup back up!

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