What Are Flower Remedies: How do they help emotional imbalances

What Are Flower Remedies: How do they help emotional imbalances

Cassy Vantriet
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We are so excited to share our latest addition to our natural medicine cabinet, Flower Remedies! Our founder, Cassy was exposed to the emotional power of flower remedies a few years ago as she was in an emotional state of disconnect, self-sabotage, loneliness and over sensitivity to those around her she decided to explore this natural modality and see what happened, to her disbelief her emotions began to shift being filled with self-love, a deeper connection to herself and those around her and the ability to trust in her own decisions and path. It was as if her entire reality at that time had shifted into the feelings she seek.

Ever since then when she finds herself in an emotional state she can't seem to shake she leans on the power of flower remedies to rebalance her emotions and get her back to her true essence. It is through her personal experience and perfect timing that her vision for her own unique line of Flower Remedies came to life with the help of her personal practitioner, intuition and everything falling into place seamlessly. 

"I to hope you experience the natural power of flower remedies during those times you seek support and guidance as I continue to do in order to grow and connect deeper with my inner-self." - Cassy, founder


What Are Flower Remedies

Flower remedies are a blend of unique flower essences, which hold the healing properties of 38 specific wildflowers to address and release a variety of emotional imbalances.


Dr. Edward Bach created each remedy in the 1930's by creating a complete system of healing, each plant has been specifically chosen for its primary function to treat the emotional mind. The remedies provide a system for healing the mental, physical and spiritual block at the root of illness.



Dr. Edward Bach was the original founder and creator of flower remedies dating back to the early 1930’s. He was a practicing MD, resident surgeon and medical researcher, in 1917 while working in the ward he collapsed and was diagnosed with a malignant tumour in his spleen and told he only had 3 months to live. He then dedicated the remainder of his short life to advancing his work, however the 3 months passed and he became healthier than ever. He believed this was due to his sense of purpose and emotional balance.  


Dr. Bach's Theory

He believed that disease had to do with the whole person not a concentrated disease as all other doctors treated it. In 1919 he moved to work at London’s Homeopathic Hospital and quickly realized his overlapping theory with homeopathy. He began to alter his previous vaccines that were made from bacteria and reliant on the presence of disease. He wanted to create something more pure and gentle so he pivoted his work to create a new system of medicine that could be found in nature. 


Leaving his life and practice behind he leaned into his intuition and spent years trial and erroring thousands of plants until he found the perfect healing ones. “Each [flower essence] was aimed at a particular mental state or emotion. He found that when he treated the personalities and feelings of his patients their unhappiness and physical distress would be alleviated naturally as the healing potential in their bodies was unblocked and allowed to work once more.” - The Bach Centre


He had a unique ability to feel the energetics of plants, each one guiding him to the right plant to complete the 38 flower remedy series. “His body and mind were so in tune with his work that he would suffer a variety of emotional states until he found the plant that would help him. In this way, through great personal suffering and sacrifice, he completed his life’s work.” - The Bach Centre


His unique approach to healing that focused exclusively on the emotional and spiritual health of people rather than their physical symptoms inspired him to create pure and gentle remedies that are safe for everyone to use and reap the natural benefits of nature. Similarly to Dr. Bach, we believe in a holistic approach to our inner-wellness, less is always more when it comes to plant medicine and listening to our intuition and what our body is telling us will allow us to be proactive about our health. Our intuitively crafted remedies will help you to heal on the emotional level, which has a significant impact on our overall health to help balance your current emotional state for specific purposes. 


Bach's 7 psychological emotions:

  1. For Those Who Have Fear

  2. For Those Who Suffer Uncertainty

  3. Insufficient interest in present circumstances

  4. Loneliness

  5. Over-sensitivity to influences and ideas

  6. Despondency or Despair

  7. Over-care for welfare of others

Photo by Brit Gill

How Flower Remedies Are Made

A few companies have carried on the tradition of Dr. Edward Bach's healing system, foraging and decocting them in the English Countryside where they were originally created. 


To make one flower essence you forage one of the 38 wildflowers, put them in a glass bowl (without touching the flower which would alter the energetic properties) and sun-steep them in spring water for 3 hours. For the more heartier plants Bach created a boiling method of boiling the plant for 30-minutes in spring water in order to leave the vibrational imprint of each flower in the spring water.


How To Take Flower Remedies

The key to reaping the benefits of flower remedies are to take them consistently to build on the potency of each remedy and balance the intended emotions. We instruct them to be taken for 4 drops, 4 times a day on the tongue - the intention behind this is to continuously have the healing energetic of the remedy in your system for one-month time periods in order to shift and heal those specific emotions.

It is also instructed to only take one flower remedy at one time. Once you have finished one remedy you can implement a new one into your daily routine right away. 


WOASH Flower Remedies

We created each flower remedy to utilize nature's natural medicine and healing properties to address emotional imbalances to compliment our tea blends which address physical imbalances. Implementing both practices will allow you to heal and be supported on both the emotional and physical levels of your inner wellness.


Similarly to Dr. Bach, we believe in a holistic approach to our inner-wellness, less is always more when it comes to plant medicine and listening to our intuition and what our body is telling us will allow us to be proactive about our health. 


We collaborated with Georgina Durcan, a certified Bach Flower Remedy practitioner, to intuitively design each remedy for a variety of emotional imbalances to compliment our range of loose-leaf tea blends and harmonize the mind, body and soul. 


  • Flower Remedy - refers to  a blend of flower essences crafted to balance specific emotions consisting of 3 - 7 essences

  • Flower Essence - refers to each individual flower essence (he created 38 of them, each are created from one type of wild flower)

  • Sun-steep - refers to the process of extracting the healing energetic properties of each wildflower with the use of the sun instead of hot boiling water

  • Decoction - concentrating the essence of a substance by heating or boiling, especially a medicinal preparation made from a plant.


Photos by Brit Gill

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