Cassy's Fall Wellness Essentials

Cassy's Fall Wellness Essentials

Cassy Vantriet
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It always seems as though Fall comes a little to early, I'm not quite ready to let go of long days, afternoon lake swims and picnic wine tastings (we recently relocated to the desert of BC, The Okanagan / The wine trail and we soaked up every bit of the desert summer). Although my mind is grasping at those fleeting moments of summer my body knows - it has begun craving warming flavours, cozy evenings around a fire and a slower pace. Naturally, I must embrace this seasonal transition. 

I'm always amazed by what my body knows and how it naturally transitions whether I like it or not. Seasonal transitions are such a beautiful time to see how connected we are with ourselves and with nature, to invite new perspectives and practices in to support our wellbeing. Here is how I'm embracing the seasonal transition with my favourite fall wellness essentials. 

Fall Wellness Essentials

Sunrise Alarm Clock

I introduced a sunrise alarm clock into our bedroom 2 winters ago and it dramatically changed how I slept, my intention was to remove cellphones from the bedroom to avoid falling asleep while scrolling and it being the first thing I looked at when I woke. It did all that plus it has a sunrise feature for those dark mornings to help you wake naturally with a gradual sunrise.

B.Powered Superfood Honey

I've been using this B.Powered Honey from Toronto based Beekeeper's Naturals in my morning tea latte for 6 months now, it is packed with immune boosting, mental clarity and energy enhancing properties, sustainably sourced and Canadian there is no reason not to switch over to this jar of natural goodness! What's even better is as of late as my skin tires from the hot summer sun and seeks a bit of TLC I've been doubling this honey as a gentle exfoliant, skin soothing face mask once a week.

Psst... Stay tuned next week and you can grab your very first jar via our online shop!

Me Time Beeswax Candle

The best way to welcome in a the cooler seasons is with the illumination of your favourite candle. I have always found that a simple candle can change the entire feeling of a room from the soft ambiance and gentle scent it has the power to transport you into a deeper moment of self. We specifically formulated our Me Time Tea infused beeswax candle to envoke a feeling of groundedness, connection to self and nature and to ignite a sense of newness. 

Here's a special gift to invite Fall with warmth, enjoy 10% off our Me Time Beeswax Candle.

Kotn Quilted Blanket

Nothing suits Fall better than a new eco-friendly and local quilted blanket. I just received mine and as the days get cooler and I haven't quite committed to pants yet you can find me bundled up with this soft blanket and a cup of Spicy Chai Tea. 

Spicy Chai Tea

Speaking of a cup of tea and my body naturally shifting gears into Fall I've been craving the sweet and spicy flavours of our Spicy Chai Tea blend. This blend offers a new level of warmth and coziness to any morning ritual with its blend of traditional chai spices, a smooth assam black tea and an extra kick with chili flakes, I promise it'll be your new Fall SCL.

Kundalini Yoga

A daily practice of movement and meditation with my beautiful teacher and friend, Roberta from Salt and Spirit Collective. Kundalini allows me to ground, reconnect and shift energy physically throughout my body to release stress, tension and tune into my intuition. Some of my best ideas have come during class!

Dwell Design Magazine

As I mentioned above we relocated in the Spring of 2020 from our downtown Vancouver apartment (that we just completed renovations on) to the Okanagan in BC seeking more space, a warmer climate, new scenery and a quiet neighbourhood. After 4 months of bunking up with my in-laws and searching high and low for our next dream property that checked all the items on our list we found it! A beautiful rural 5 acre property 20 minutes from the vibrant city and beautiful wineries. A quaint 1200 sqft rancher nestled among mature trees with vast mountain views and a peak-a-boo of the lake our dream came true. 

Since we received the keys it has been non-stop renovations to create a tranquil spa-like space to call home with Japandi inspiration guiding my vision every step of the way. I've linked my current favourite inspirational home and the design platform you can always find me diving into, Dwell

Follow along on @cassy.field to see our renovation journey and keep your eye out for what may potentially be a WOASH guided retreat rental @woashwellness.

What I'm Reading + Listening To

I always find the best books and podcasts from friends sharing them, they often come at the most perfect time and allow me to grow, learn and reflect on my current phase in life.

Current favourite podcast: I Also Want Money - a movement to demasculinize wealth and create a money culture for wome(x)n.

Current Favourite Book: Like Streams to the Ocean - Jedidiah Jenkins - a thought provoking self reflection.

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